Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good thing my goal for the week wasn't "no cheese balls." It should be,though.

Another good activity day!  I thought 2YO might like to try another fitness video today.  I picked a beginners 60 min cardio.  I stuck with it, but there was no music, the guy was a little dry, and 2YO lost interest quickly.  He did like that I moved the coffee table aside and he had more space to run around.  He also liked when I did bear crawling, mountain climbers, and a couple other exercises.  I did have a little trouble doing planks with him crawling on my back for a horsey ride!

Eating was pretty good for the most part. Oatmeal and half a banana for breakfast, a big salad for lunch (with a clementine to get the fruit in with my veggie), and a small bowl of pasta with broccoli for dinner.  My only misstep was some cheese balls around 3:00... Could have been worse, could have been better.

Water consumption is at about 50 oz so far.  Should finish the last 12oz in my bottle before bed.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in.  Hopefully I'll remember to get my number I. The morning before I've eaten, unlike last time.  I'm interested to see how it is going to turn out.  I've done alright on meals, but I haven't done well on snacking.  I'm wondering if being conscious, even when snacking cheating, along with the boost in activity might give me better results than I think.

Fingers crossed!

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