Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Check, check, check!

Feelin' pretty good about today!

Along with our activity this morning, 2YO and I did some more running around the house.  Like any smart Momma, I cleaned as I ran.  During each sprint I tried to pick up one or two things to put away.

Another success, killed two goals in one lunch. Check out those fruits and veggies and all that water!

I made sure to get a snack in so I didn't go crazy on something I shouldn't have. I didn't make the healthiest choice, but these chips have all sorts of veggies in them and are tasty. Bonus, this whole bag was $1.47 as Sam's Club - what a deal!

Not a health food by any means, but I did make sure to measure out a cup instead of snacking right from the bag.

2YO and I had some Easter candy, but I don't feel too guilty about it. We had a darn good day activity-wise! I've also consumed over half a gallon of water, I'm aiming for 4 bottles tomorrow.

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