Monday, August 12, 2013

Tips and Tricks Tuesday #1

Here it is! The first ever Tips and Tricks Tuesday!

I know I am forever looking for advice on this weight loss journey.  I also, occasionally, stumble upon some tips and tricks that work for me.  I decided to start this link up as a way to gather, in one place, all those brilliant tips as well as pleas for advice.  This way, we can all benefit.  We can easily view who could is searching for our help and send them some encouragement, and we can share our own fabulous tips and tricks.

So, here's the deal:
  • Link up any past posts you have that you think may benefit others in any way - advice, recipes, reviews, workouts, motivation, inspiration, etc...
  • Link up any past posts in which you are searching out advice from others - help staying on track, products, workouts, food, motivation, etc...
  • Make sure to include the topic of your post in your title (I've noticed "Kristin @ Like a 2-year-old" is a total weight loss blog trend - we're looking for the subject so people know what they're clicking on.)
  • Follow your lovely hosts, Kristin and Kristin - let us know and we will gladly follow you back!  Hey, we're all here for the same support, right?
  • Place our button somewhere on your blog or link back in your posts - let's gather as much advice from as many people as we can!
  • Last, visit as many links as you can - help answer questions from those looking for help and let the others know how much you appreciate them sharing their own tips and tricks.

Each week we will try to feature the most clicked link, as well as others that seem particularly helpful and deserve a little more recognition.


  1. Hi! And I didn't read your directions, so my link is just my blog link, not a post link. :( Sorry. I'll be better next time!

  2. Thank you for inviting me to the party! What a great link party topic.

  3. Thanks for the party invite! Hope my link is helpful! :)


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