Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not a whole lot...

Well, it has been completely and utterly boring around here... Sorry about that!  I think my third week at the cabin is turning my brain to mush.  I was solely focused on my weight loss for a bit and I even took a hiatus from my favorite creative outlet (Exploring Domesticity) to write here and keep that focus.  However, an extended vacation and plans for a Way. More. Exciting. Vacation have shifted my focus.  (More about that in a minute.)

Don't get me wrong.  Things are going well on the weight loss front.  I got rid of the weight I gained on my week off - and then some, I think, but I won't know for sure until I weigh-in tomorrow.  My running has taken a bit of a hit with a busy family weekend and a busy (and HOT!) week stuck inside with just me and my mom to wrangle the kids.  I managed to fit in a quick 1.8 mile run - who am I kidding, I'm slower than a snail so it was not a "quick" run, but by "quick" I mean I would have preferred to go a bit longer.  Eating has been pretty good too.  The exception being today when things were so crazy I skipped breakfast in favor of a huge early lunch, then only grabbed some zucchini for dinner.  I don't know what it was today but I was not hungry and I couldn't force myself to eat just to fill my cals.

Here's a little bit of adorable-ness from post-run playtime in the lake.


Gah!  I hardly even know what day it is up here!  Guess I should throw in some non-scale victories while I'm at it.  Let's just do it bullet-style.

  • I had to finally make the decision to stop wearing my only pair of capris because they look awful!  The are SOOO big!  I refuse to spend the money on a pair this late in the year.  Although, I have to say I found one of the last remaining pairs at the store the other day.  They weren't in my size (a good one or even two sizes smaller than I was looking for) but I tried them on and they fit perfectly!  Also,  not sure if I ever mentioned my fantastic Target find.  Jeans on sale down to $6 AND a coupon for "buy one get one half off."  Perfect for someone hoping to fly through sizes.  So, I picked up 14, 12, 10, and 8.  Um... The 14's are too big!  And, for kicks, I slipped on the 8s and... They fit!!!  The upper sizes may fit a bit better but it's only a matter of time until those are retired too.

  • Yep, my 2-year-old photographer could use a few more lessons, but "hello size 8 pants, long time no see."

  • Hubby came up last weekend.  He doesn't say a lot about my weight loss but he did say, "so how much weight are you losing?"  In super-sensitive-guy-talk, that's as good as saying, "you look smokin' hot" so I'll take it.
  • Oh, back to that exciting vacation I'm giddy over....  We're going to Disney World!  Ok, we'll head down to Florida to visit my grandparents and hit up Disney for a couple days on the way back, but I'm excited!  How can you not be?  Well, the NSV of that is that one of the things that popped into my mind while planning today was creating a meal plan.  I would have never thought about that before.  It would have been "Vacation!  Drop the diet. Anything goes!!"  Not to say there won't be some of that thinking, but I'm hopeful that the decisions I make will be light years away from what they were last year.
  • I have a meeting with a business mentor next week and I'm super excited/nervous.  This journey has sparked some awesome ideas in my head to make fitness a fun part of life and I can't wait to get started and try to turn it into more than an idea!  I also can't wait to figure out what the heck I'm doing enough to finally be able to spill the beans!
  • Last, I've been consistently hitting two miles when I actually do run.  It's been a struggle, but at least I know I can push myself to two without letting the pessimist jogger in my head convince me to walk.
How are you all doing this week?  Any NSVs to share?  Any lucky ladies with poetic hubbys like mine?  Anyone read through that novel to get here???


  1. You have got to love husbands. They really do mean well! Mine says very similar things to me all the time!

  2. The pics of the babies are adorable, and you are rocking those pants lady, and BTW totally my kind of shopper!! What a great find!! I may or may not be a little jealous!! I cannot wait to hear about this business venture, how exciting!! You are doing so great, whoop whoop on the two miles, I know how big of a deal that is!! Thanks so much for linking up with us, and keep it up!!!


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