Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh Easter... help me have some self-control!

I have been eating like crap!

We're spending Easter at the cabin.  the Good Friday fish fry was delicious!!  We had Easter dinner last night and I filled a bunch or eggs with Easter candy.  That spelled disaster for my plan...

2YO is eating a bunch too with all this yummy food, but I am surpassing him and we aren't making the best choices.

All I can say is - Happy Easter, and I'll do better Monday!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Down, down, down!

Who is 2lbs lighter?!?  I'm thrilled!

It's funny because I always feel like I have to apologize for something, but I must still be doing something right!  I just feel like this is too easy...

I am going to try to get a little more strict to see a loss like that first week.  We'll see if I can pull that off with Easter...

10 pounds baby!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunny eggs and buffalo chickens

Today I made 2YO some Easter Bunny eggs.  I put 4 eggs in the pan and cooked them over hard.  I threw in a couple drops of coloring and cut out three bunnies.  I ate the scraps, but 2YO wanted more so I shared.  Also, we were each going to eat a Cutie and he ended up eating half of mine along with his.

2YO left for the cabin early with the grandparents and I got to spend the day with the little one.  While she was sleeping I had a big lunch of two Morningstar Black Bean Burgers.  I shamefully broke into 2YO's Easter candy...  I did manage to stop myself before it got out of control.  :)

We got out and enjoyed the sunny almost-felt-like-spring day.  When we got home I grabbed a quick snack of broccoli and lite ranch dressing.

I was at a bit of a loss for dinner but ended up throwing together some buffalo chicken wraps.  Yum!  

However, the last bite was full of buffalo sauce and my mouth was on fire, so Hubby gave me one of his ice cream bars...

I'm happy to say, I brushed my teeth early and have been trying to bump up my water tonight.

A quick jump on the scale roll be I'm down another pound, but I definitely could be doing better.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It felt like Spring today!  We got outside a couple times and took a nice long walk!  2YO and I did some "high knees" around the house too.  I feel pretty good about keeping up with his activity level today.

I need to start making 2YO more oatmeal. He had his finished before Mine was done and he ate half of mine and some applesauce.

I had my leftover Chipotle salad. I had the toppings I saved from yesterday and I cut up a bunch of lettuce - yum!

Dinner was some leftover pork and broccoli. 2YO and I each had a Snickers egg for a treat.

Good activity and decent meals today, but I did have some chips I'm not proud of. You'd think I'd have had some good motivation from watching the Biggest Loser finale...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cheater, cheater...

I managed to fit in my oatmeal this morning, but had to share it with 2YO because Dad had only given him dry Cheerios and he was still hungry.  That little stinker is a bottomless pit sometimes!

Hubby was home from work so we did some errands and stopped at Chipotle for lunch.  I'm not a huge fan but I've had a salad that I liked so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Mmmm... It was pretty good, and they put so much on top that I ate all the lettuce and took home the rest of the good stuff and the vinaigrette for another salad at home with my own lettuce.

Here's where the big cheater comes out...  I had bought some cheese curls at Aldi and they had been opened for 2YO's lunch.  Being a Cheetos connoisseur, I had to try them and see how they measured up.  To give myself credit, I ate nowhere near what I would have a month ago!  Here's where I can't give myself any credit... There was a brownie leftover from the other day and I had meant to save it for 2YO but I ate it with a glass of milk.  At least I got my calcium in??...

A little off track but not too bad.  I blame it on smelling all the awesome smells coming from this delicious meal cooking all day!

Mmm! pork loin, potatoes, carrots, and broccoli! It was fantastic! Here is 2YO's plate. He ate it so fast!

Here is my plate. It was a little difficult to get a pretty picture with the meat falling apart when touched with a fork. Yum! I'm not a cooked carrot fan, so I doubled up the broccoli.

The best part is that it was so large I was able to freeze half and still have some decent leftovers for tomorrow or Thursday! Love adding things to the freezer so I have something when I don't want to cook!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Today started off about the same as usual.  We had egg beaters and half an orange for breakfast.  I was making up some breakfast sandwiches for Hubby and ended up having to make one less because 2YO wanted more eggs!

Have I mentioned what a big eater he is for 20 months?  It's unbelievable.  I guess that's why this is so easy for me to stick with.  He eats pretty good-sized meals and I try to serve plenty of fruits and veggies when he's still hungry.  His activity level is what I'm trying to match!

After breakfast 2YO and I ran around the house and ended up playing a game of hide-and-seek.  After a few successful rounds here's what happened...  He covers his eyes and starts counting, "nine, ten, nine, ten..."  I wait... After almost three minutes, I find him under the table ripping up pieces of paper and he looks up and says, "mess" as proud as can be!  Then he asks for, "more hide."  What a stinker!

I went out and did some shopping and ran some other errands.  By the time I was finished it was after 3:00 and I still had things to do around the house.  After I was finished, I loaded the kids up in the stroller and took a half hour walk.  I completely missed lunch today!

Fortunately, when Grandma came over to watch the kids, she brought some amazing jambalaya.  At least I had a great dinner to make up for it.  Unfortunately, she brought brownies too - and I am unapologetically caving to one right now... Mmm...

Not the greatest text-book healthy day, but I was a busy Momma and that's the way it goes sometimes!  My goal for tomorrow is to bump up the water intake again!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pat on the back? You betcha!

Gotta say - I made one amazing - and super healthy - dinner! I'll get to that in a moment...

I wasn't about to attempt that oatmeal again today - maybe I'll take a patience pill and give it a whirl again tomorrow. We had a honey nut and regular Cheerios mix this morning.

I was surprisingly not hungry at 11:30 when I started making lunch for 2YO and myself. We each had a half sandwich and some ants on a log.

Here is 2YO's that I cut his sandwich in half and cut the celery between each raisin because celery is hard to eat with only 8 front teeth and molars just emerging.

Dinner was awesome! I made some super healthy twice-baked potatoes! I used a few small russets and two HUGE sweet potatoes. I also cooked up two carrots to mash with it and used plain yogurt and the onions I've been growing in a jar in my kitchen. I kind of winged it and they turned out amazing!

This is what I would have served 2YO and myself. He only at half of the potato because he ended up consuming all of the leftover smashed potato mixture that didn't fit in the potato boats while the others were in the oven.

He ate all this before the rest of up sat down! I assume he approved because he wouldn't let me put it away after I gave him a taste!

After dinner 2YO and I had some No-Bake Energy Bites that I made from a Pinterest recipe. Yum!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My teeth are brushed

And I hopefully will not give in to nighttime snacking because I've had a great day!  Come to think of it, I did really well and it's probably because I've been too busy to think about it much.

Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal.  It took 4 explosions to get two good bowls of oatmeal.  Has anyone had this happen?  I make oatmeal at least a few times a week and I've never had problems.  Today each bowl exploded in the microwave and made a huge mess!  I even tried stopping midway and stirring and that didn't help.  I was about to lose my mind!  Not the first time... and I was only slightly irritated the second time... but the third and fourth times had me livid!  So strange!

We had a leftover luch so 2YO and I had different things.  I had leftover zucchini and squash (about a cup packed full) and it filled me up pretty well so I didn't have anything else.

I did some running and bargain shopping.  (Check here for my deals and my attempt at making laundry detergent.)  When I got home I made a yummy dinner! Check it out!

I picked these up at a store on the way home from the cabin. They have awesome meat and I love when they have buy one get one free deals!

I also just picked this up from the store today (with a coupon, of course).

After I started the pasta water heating, I added some olive oil at a high heat and added the sliced sausage and some garlic. By the way, see the wooden spatula? I LOVE it and have a ton - my dad made them! :)

I had some frozen broccoli that I added to the warm past pot to quickly thaw.

I took my strainer spoon thing (it probably has a better name but I can't for the life of me come up with it) and placed the broccoli in the other pan and waited for the water to come to a boil to cook the pasta.

I then poured in the sauce and gave it a stir.

When the noodle were done I added those and stirred again.

There it is - it was delish! Here is my portion - I kept it small, gave myself tons of broccoli, and it really satisfied!

I was craving M&Ms something fierce but - pat on the back - I brushed my teeth with 2YO and haven't given in!

Friday, March 22, 2013

What to do with leftovers?

Here's what we did!  Beef, onions, sauce from calzones and even some homemade baby food (broccoli/cauliflower purée) made their way into our stuffed peppers.  Check it out!

Holy cow!

We got home from the cabin around noon today.  When I do my weekly weigh-in I like for it to be morning and with light clothing on and nothing in my belly yet.  Well, that wasn't the case today.  I had eaten two eggs over hard and snacked on a slice of muenster cheese and 3 ritz crackers on the way home.  But...

I was still down 2 pounds!!!

I can't believe it.  I guess I shouldn't have been so hard on myself.  Sure, I could have lost more if I had been more disciplined, but it is great to see that my consciousness and pretty simple plan of portion control is working!

I finished out the day with an afternoon snack - technically a lunch - of smoked trout (not a usual snack but a special treat during lent) and a dinner of rice with Asian vegetables and shrimp.  Ok, ok, I had a Reece's egg too...

Hopefully this time at home will help me stay on track before I get derailed by Easter next weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tomorrow will be better

The good news is tomorrow I will be back home and back to my own routine.  The bad news... I'm having a lot of trouble sticking to my plan

I'm so happy to have the help with the kids.  However my plan to eat and play like 2YO is suffering because I have help feeding him and grandparents to play with him.

We'll do better tomorrow.  I'm also interested to see  how my weigh-in goes.  Down 6lbs, up 2?  That's my prediction...

Today:  2YO and I split a huge bowl of oatmeal.  Grandma made cookies and we couldn't resist and had one.  Lunch was an amazing stuffed green pepper with a lot of yummy leftover ingredients we had (I'll write about it here when I get a chance) and I split it with 2YO 70/30.  He's an awesome eater - not many (almost) 2-year-olds would eat a stuffed pepper.  Snack was a Cutie.  Dinner was a steak sandwich - lots of mushrooms and yummy zucchini.  Then I had a cup of ice cream (shame)... with peanut butter (double shame...)

They say it takes 30 days to make a habit.  I need some more time with my own routine, groceries, and kitchen.  I know I can get the willpower and motivation - I've done it before - I'm just struggling right now.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When this week is over I'll be so much better!

It is impossible to stick to a schedule around here!

I skipped breakfast today because the kiddos were in good moods and I wanted to head into town for groceries and diapers while they were still happy. Well, all the snow wrecked that plan. We could even make it up the steep drive because of the snow and ice hiding underneath.

We finally made it out an hour later. By this time I was starving and grabbed a half of a slice of provolone cheese to hold me over. This also changed our lunch plans and we had to stop in town for lunch. Far be it from me to stop my parents from eating at their favorite Chinese place. :) I did change from my usual pork lo mien to shrimp and vegetables, which I shared with 2YO. However, he was more interested in eating Grandma's lo mien and I definitely ate a bit more than I should. Luckily the lunch potions are smaller and it didn't feel like too big of a splurge.

We spent a lot of time in town, so when we got back we were ready for a snack. I bought some Cuties and we snacked on a couple of those around 3. (By the way, check out my amazing coupon haul here.)

Dinner should be good. We have a lot of veggies left over from last night's meal and I'm going to have a big heaping bowl while 2YO eats some different leftovers.

Last night I caved to the candy jar and had 4 fun sized candy bars. Tonight I'm going to try to have more will power, let myself have 1-2, and brush my teeth early.

Fingers crossed!

I know I don't have many followers yet - but support and comments are always appreciated!

By the way, anyone want to see what I have to stand in to get a signal? That's dedication!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Darn this cabin!

Isn't it funny how certain environments trigger certain behaviors?

The cabin makes me want to eat! I'm not just talking about all my mom's delicious meals; I stare at the candy jar and my stomach growls, think about the ice cream in the freezer and my mouth salivates, and I have a very strong desire to fill my plate to the brim with all the yummy food!

The nice thing about being here is I get a chance to sleep in a little (8 instead of 6!) and I get all sorts of help with the kids. However, the disruption in routine makes this a little difficult...

2YO had breakfast without me. I did sneak in a small cup of cereal while I fed the baby.

Lunch was delicious! It was not, however, the most healthy choice! We made home-made calzones with ground beef, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, and a little sauce. The one pictures is the best looking of the bunch so it had to be photographed. The one that 2YO and I split was a little smaller.

Dinner was another choice that I wouldn't necessarily make at home. We had chicken kiev (2YO and I split about 60/40), lots of broccoli and cauliflower, and mashed potatoes (2YO's fave, I only had about a tablespoon and a half).

Food-wise this doesn't sound like a good diet plan; added to the fact that I find myself eating a little more here than I did at home, I don't think this will be the best week. However, I'm trying to look on the bright side, and I realize I am being conscious of what and how much I eat and still consuming less than I normally would.

After all, this plan did not stem from trying to go on a strict diet. What I want is something I can stick with, and considering portion size and making sure I'm active is the main goal.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last minute plans!

Shortly after our leisurely breakfast of green eggs and toast with green butter, I decided that the kids and I would head up to the cabin for the week. Any of you mommas know how difficult it is to get 2 young kids packed, and I was about to do it in a few hours!

After I got all the clothes, burp clothes, pjs, toys, diaper bag, bottles, my pump, formula, blankets, etc... 2YO and I snuck in a little lunch from the leftovers from last night. I had the chicken tacos from Ruby Tuesday and they were so stuffed I took 1/2 the filling out of each and made a third taco. 2YO wasn't a huge fan, although he likes everything in them, but y'know how kids are... I ate the other small one and 1/2 of the third, while Hubby finished that 1/2 and 2YO's leftovers.

I then finished getting everything ready and prepared 5 school lunches in 15 minutes - no big deal. ;) Packed up the car and fed the baby and we're on our way.

I'm interested to see how I'll stick to the plan now that we'll be at the cabin with the grandparents (especially since Grandma is a bad influence and a great cook).

Wish me luck!

*update from the cabin with no Internet access*

This will be short because I'm standing outside the cabin next door in boots and pjs to send this!

Dinner: taco salad - yum! So far so good! Goodnight!

Top o' the mornin' to ya!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Way off track!

It could have been worse, but today I only ate breakfast like 2YO...

I have a feeling weekends are going to be difficult!

Breakfast consisted of mini quiches like we had on day 2.  I served us both two but 2 YO asked for another!  We also each had 1/2 a banana, but 2YO asked for more and ended up eating  another whole one!  Hungry boy!

I have to mention that, when making the eggs, I put some fresh green onions in.  I've been growing these for only two weeks and they started at the top of the jar.  They grow so fast!  I'm sharing all my tips for these here.

Today was a catch- up day!  My mom came over to help,with the kids so I could wittle away at my to-do list.  She fed 2YO and I ended up skipping lunch completely!  I completely forgot until I was faced with some delicious looking dough from the batch of Moster Cookies I was making for Hubby's lunches.

Here's where my will-power failed me...  I did just fine until there was only about a 1/2 tbs of dough left at the end.  Then I caved.  I also couldn't resist having a taste of the cookie Grandma gave 2YO after his nap.  And who can blame me for not letting the last two bites go to waste when he went outside with Dad.  

Oops!  It could have been worse, I guess.

Can you blame me?  Look at those beauties! 

Ugh... I almost forgot that right before Hubby and I stole away for dinner I was starving and grabbed a few Pringles to hold me over...  Shameful.

We went to Ruby Tuesdays because I was wishing for a nice big salad after all my indiscretions.  I got the combo meal with chicken tacos.  I put those right in a box for a lunch for myself and 2YO and I had two plates full of salad!

So, nutritionally, it was not a good day.  However, even the times when I did cheat, it was still way better than when I wasn't caring about my diet at all.  Still an improvement!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Busy day!

Today was a busy day!  I felt like I managed to stay on track. However, MyFitnessPal said that I exceeded my 1200 cal goal by 94...  Oh well.

All we had time for was a quick bowl of cereal this morning before taking the little one to the doctor. I had all sorts of errands to run so I dropped the kids off at my parents and 2YO was fed by Grandma and I had a quick snack of smoked trout and crackers with Grandpa.  I also had some quick pieces of licorice to hide the fish breath.

After lots of running and productivity, I picked up the kids and headed home.  Hubby came home early with cheese curds in hand.  They looked so good I decided to snack a little.  I made sure to read the package:  110 cals for 1 oz.

 So here's the picture of my measly snack. See the water? I'm happy to say I filled that 32 oz bad boy 4 times today!

Dinner is probably where I passed my calorie limit.  It was delicious, though!  We used our leftover broccoli and noodles from last night and added a yummy piece of talapia with a small drizzle of some yummy lemon sauce.  I do have to mention that 2YO loved the fish and I had to share more of my pictured portion with him!  He wanted a treat when he was done so I had 1/2 c. of applesauce with him.

Well... I apparently surpassed my allotted calories, but it still felt like a good day.  I did manage to fulfill my goal of more water, so I'm happy with that.  I'm also happy with the 6lb weight loss - that's enough to keep me motivated for another week for sure!

Friday morning weigh-in

Down 6.8 pounds!!!!

That is all!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

So far so good

Started today with some oatmeal again.  Did some running around in the morning and returned for a yummy lunch of soup, crackers, and oranges.  It's amazing how satisfying a meal cal feel when it looks nice, fills a small plate, and is well rounded and nutritious!  I really should get the recipe for this soup and post it because it is so healthy, filling, and yummy!  This is also coming from someone that is not a huge soup fan in general.

We managed to fit in a small snack of a couple carrot sticks around 3:30 and spent some time playing.  The little one wanted to be held, so 2YO got Mickey and we ran around the house with them.  We held them in the air and tip toed, held them low and walked like an elephant, hugged them close and hopped, pulsed them up and down as we ran and in and out as we side-stepped.  It was pretty fun, kept the little one entertained, and 2YO followed my instructions and had fun.

Dinner was one of my favorite dishes I used to make when I was on WW.  We had 2oz of noodles (possibly a bit more after all was said and done but no more than 3), lots of broccoli, tossed in olive oil with a little garlic salt and pepper, and 1 Asiago Chicken Sausage.  Mmmm!  It's so filling because you can eat a whole sausage for only 2 or 3  WW pts.  and the broccoli really fills it up and makes the noodles go a long way. Yum!

My goal for tomorrow is to up my water consumption.  I've always been a big water drinker and I'm slacking lately, so I want to bump that up.

So, everything seems to be pretty easy and it definitely doesn't feel like a "diet."  I'm so happy with the way week 1 has gone!  What an easy way to make a difference!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bump up activity level. Check!

So, I know it's only been a couple of days but I have to say, this is a seriously good idea and, so far, seriously easy.

I'm not placing much stock in it, but an early jump on the scale (ok, two...) has shown a 6.5lb loss! Before anyone feels the need to squash my dreams, I understand this may change by my weekly weigh in (I'm making those Friday mornings), there's water weight, and there could be other factors at play. I definitely don't feel like I've been doing anything hardcore enough for that number. But still! For someone who hasn't seen the scale move this much since pregnancy, it's pretty exciting and encouraging!

We ate the same breakfast as Day 0 because it was the most filling, and I think we're going to have that more often. 2YO wanted to play outside, so I strapped on the little one and out we went for some shoveling and wagon rides.

For lunch we had 2oz of chicken and I cut up two very small apples for us - no skins for 2YO because he has a tendency to take a only a small bite out of it when I leave it on. :)

Then it was nap time, and 2YO immediately wanted to go back outside the second he woke up. So we took the stroller and walked around the neighborhood for an hour. Wahoo for boosting that activity level! Mission accomplished!

Dinner was a grilled cheese (wheat bread and 1 slice of Provolone) and the best soup ever! Mmmmm! Highly recommended! We each had about a cup (100 cals 2g fat). Also, I resisted Hubby's offer of ice cream and haven't snacked! Even though my husband just got into bed with a HUGE bag of M&ms... grrr... Pretty proud, not gonna lie.

Yep! I think today I can say I AM rocking it! Feels good!

Still truckin'

Pretty successful day.

Breakfast was delish but not as filling as the oatmeal. I've started making little breakfast muffins because it's easy to make a big batch and freeze them. These have a quarter of a slice of wheat bread, egg beaters, bacon pieces, green onions, and a bit of cheese on top. Mmmm... We also had 1/2 a banana.

Playing with the little ones was pretty low key, but we did head outside after our yummy soup and side of grapes lunch.

After we came in from outside the little one fell asleep and I got to spend some time playing with 2YO. We ran around, got in the tent, and I got my upper body workout throwing him in the air! We also grabbed a quick snack of "Ants on a Log" which I really should have snapped a picture of, because how cute are those?

I broke the rules for dinner because it was another leftover night and I didn't eat the same as 2YO. I got creative using some homemade black bean corn salsa and avocado in a tortilla. I actually just realized this moment that I forgot the rice that really makes it a burrito wannabe! Oh well, that's what happens when you're trying to fix and eat a meal with a screaming 4-month-old. I guess it ended up even healthier than intended! :). Anyway, they were yummy!

So, I guess things are going well. I do think I need to bump up the activity level a bit. I'm ready for this snow to melt (coming from a snow and snowmobile lover!) and Spring to come! Hurry up already!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The real Day 1

This Momma rocked it today!  Ok, to be honest, I don't feel that enthusiastic about it but I think Day 1 went pretty well.

Breakfast was actually really satisfying and filling! My plan to be active with my kiddos went into action. I even crawled in here!

We usually eat lunch a little after 11 and, because of the oatmeal, I wasn't hungry like I usually am at that time! We ate a little later today but I could tell 2YO was going to be tired, so it wasn't much later than 11:30.

Here is the new problem I ran into... Since I am trying to eat the same as 2YO, I realized all I did was make his portion larger! I served us almost 2 oz. of chicken, 1 1/2 oz. of potato leftovers ( none of the cheese from the top for me), and a good amount of grapes because he loves them. Here is the nice picture before I started cutting his up and basically removed half of everything! I kept my chicken serving the same but did remove half of the potatoes.

During nap time, I was actually able to rest a bit and get on the ipad because both kiddos slept at the same time!!! This never happens! Although, the youngest one probably only slept that long because I was content to hold her.

When Hubby came home he reminded me how much he hates the elliptical sitting in the basement as he moved it back to it's spot next to the pool table. He also said it'd be different if it were used, so I took it as a personal challenge and hopped on.

Typical life of a Momma, the little on began to cry and I realized she needed to be fed. I also realized 2YO hadn't been changed yet after the nap. After all that was taken care of, I hopped back on the elliptical for 40min. But wouldn't you know... I spent the whole time convincing 2YO not to grab the moving parts of the elliptical and that he should not try to ride his car that he had hoisted up to the coffee table. I had 5 min to go and the little one started crying so I hopped off 3 times to replace her Nuk. When that wouldn't do it, I picked her up and she finished the last 3 min with me.

I burned 336 cals and helped Hubby understand why that piece of equipment doesn't get used as often as I'd like - an overall success!

I took some time to play with the kiddos and headed up to fix dinner. We had leftover ribs and I had been wishing for a salad. 2YO and I each had a little under 2oz of ribs with some salad (mine was pretty big).

Excuse the horrible picture. I fixed dinner with the little one strapped to my front in a carrier and 2YO stole at least 3 pieces of meat off the plates as I quickly tried to snap a pic of the meal. Hence the cluttered table, bad angle for my extra large bowl, and overall awkwardness of the photo!

Whew! There you have it! I will now say "goodnight" because I brushed my teeth to prevent snacking so there is nothing more to report!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day Zero ;)

So, I'll be honest...

I was going to begin this plan on Monday because it'll be easier to stick to when my husband isn't around, and do we all do the, "I'll start tomorrow" thing, don't we?

I did get up this morning thinking it would be a trial run, but life makes the best laid plans tricky.

I planned to eat some oatmeal with my 2YO for breakfast, but Grandma and Grandpa stopped by and couldn't resist when he asked them to take him shopping with them.  So, I skipped breakfast and failed step #1...

I did serve myself the same amount of spaghetti (2oz noodles with 3 turkey meatballs, bringing it to 5oz).  However, I'm sure many mommas can relate to the unfortunate timing issue...  2YO was getting sleepy and I held of crankiness by getting him into his high hair and promising food, but the noodles weren't ready.  2YO and I split a banana, but the noodles still weren't ready so I gave 2YO the last crumbs of a tube of Pringles to further hold off crankiness (I did not share this snack).  By the time lunch was ready, poor 2YO was sleepy and only ate a few bites of his spaghetti.  I put him to bed, and what did I do???  Finished his spaghetti...  So ashamed...  But, this is the exact reason the plan is to eat the same breakfast as 2YO when Day 1 starts. :)

The afternoon didn't go quite as planned either...  I skipped out during nap time to get some errands done and missed out on the pm snack that is supposed to help keep me from bad snacking.  Dinner plans changed when my husban's family stopped by and we ended up ordering out.  However, I did stick to splitting a veggie sub with 2YO.  Not part of the plan, but my husband did save me 1/3 of a BLT as well...  So far, I haven't caved but I also haven't brushed my teeth with 2YO to prevent snacking...  Will power, don't fail me now!

I'd say Day 0 wasn't a complete disaster, but it does make me realize that I most likely won't always be a perfect plan-follower.  I do think any of these small steps I take will be an improvement.

Most importantly, I want to try to stay active when my son is active - not something that worked too well today because we were both out, but I did get a chance to play outside with him after my errands.  I may not always end up with perfect meals, but the goal of all this is to be a better Mom for my kiddos. So, if I get that part in, I'll be doing alright.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Plan

So, here's the plan:

As a way to live a healthier lifestyle and be a better Mom to my brood of 2 under 2, I'm going to take some tips from my (almost) 2-year-old...  He is constantly active, eats great balanced meals, and sleeps enough to re-charge his little body like he should.  After looking at the well portioned meals, with both fruits and veggies represented, that I feed my kiddo and the food I place on my own plate, it hit me - it seems that all of my lousy habits could be remedied if I just lived like my (almost) 2-year-old.  

The plan laid out:
  1. Mom has to eat the same breakfast as 2YO, no skipping
  2. When 2YO is active and running around the house, so is Mom
  3. Mom eats the same small portion, well-balanced meal served to 2YO
  4. 2YO naps and Mom gets stuff done or spends time with the little one, and recharges when possible
  5. Mom eats small healthy snack fed to 2YO in afternoon to combat unhealthy snacks or snacking while making dinner
  6. Mom and 2YO eats same portions for dinner
  7. Mom and 2YO get ready for bed and brush teeth at same time
  8. Last, and the hardest, Mom goes to bed shortly after 2YO to combat nighttime snacking
Alright, those are the goals and I'm going to do my best to stick to them!  Hopefully this foray into blogging will also help keep me motivated.  :)