Monday, March 11, 2013

The real Day 1

This Momma rocked it today!  Ok, to be honest, I don't feel that enthusiastic about it but I think Day 1 went pretty well.

Breakfast was actually really satisfying and filling! My plan to be active with my kiddos went into action. I even crawled in here!

We usually eat lunch a little after 11 and, because of the oatmeal, I wasn't hungry like I usually am at that time! We ate a little later today but I could tell 2YO was going to be tired, so it wasn't much later than 11:30.

Here is the new problem I ran into... Since I am trying to eat the same as 2YO, I realized all I did was make his portion larger! I served us almost 2 oz. of chicken, 1 1/2 oz. of potato leftovers ( none of the cheese from the top for me), and a good amount of grapes because he loves them. Here is the nice picture before I started cutting his up and basically removed half of everything! I kept my chicken serving the same but did remove half of the potatoes.

During nap time, I was actually able to rest a bit and get on the ipad because both kiddos slept at the same time!!! This never happens! Although, the youngest one probably only slept that long because I was content to hold her.

When Hubby came home he reminded me how much he hates the elliptical sitting in the basement as he moved it back to it's spot next to the pool table. He also said it'd be different if it were used, so I took it as a personal challenge and hopped on.

Typical life of a Momma, the little on began to cry and I realized she needed to be fed. I also realized 2YO hadn't been changed yet after the nap. After all that was taken care of, I hopped back on the elliptical for 40min. But wouldn't you know... I spent the whole time convincing 2YO not to grab the moving parts of the elliptical and that he should not try to ride his car that he had hoisted up to the coffee table. I had 5 min to go and the little one started crying so I hopped off 3 times to replace her Nuk. When that wouldn't do it, I picked her up and she finished the last 3 min with me.

I burned 336 cals and helped Hubby understand why that piece of equipment doesn't get used as often as I'd like - an overall success!

I took some time to play with the kiddos and headed up to fix dinner. We had leftover ribs and I had been wishing for a salad. 2YO and I each had a little under 2oz of ribs with some salad (mine was pretty big).

Excuse the horrible picture. I fixed dinner with the little one strapped to my front in a carrier and 2YO stole at least 3 pieces of meat off the plates as I quickly tried to snap a pic of the meal. Hence the cluttered table, bad angle for my extra large bowl, and overall awkwardness of the photo!

Whew! There you have it! I will now say "goodnight" because I brushed my teeth to prevent snacking so there is nothing more to report!



  1. Great Job! I just learned to love oatmeal this week. PB2, a type of peanut butter, totally did the trick. Good job getting the blog started! Excited to track your progress!

    1. Thanks! I think I remember trying PB2 when I was on WW - I never thought of adding it to oatmeal! I just add a bit of brown sugar. I'm realizing that oatmeal might be the best meal for me because I don't like it enough to eat a lot and a little is enough to keep me satisfied for a while. Thanks for reading!


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