Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pat on the back? You betcha!

Gotta say - I made one amazing - and super healthy - dinner! I'll get to that in a moment...

I wasn't about to attempt that oatmeal again today - maybe I'll take a patience pill and give it a whirl again tomorrow. We had a honey nut and regular Cheerios mix this morning.

I was surprisingly not hungry at 11:30 when I started making lunch for 2YO and myself. We each had a half sandwich and some ants on a log.

Here is 2YO's that I cut his sandwich in half and cut the celery between each raisin because celery is hard to eat with only 8 front teeth and molars just emerging.

Dinner was awesome! I made some super healthy twice-baked potatoes! I used a few small russets and two HUGE sweet potatoes. I also cooked up two carrots to mash with it and used plain yogurt and the onions I've been growing in a jar in my kitchen. I kind of winged it and they turned out amazing!

This is what I would have served 2YO and myself. He only at half of the potato because he ended up consuming all of the leftover smashed potato mixture that didn't fit in the potato boats while the others were in the oven.

He ate all this before the rest of up sat down! I assume he approved because he wouldn't let me put it away after I gave him a taste!

After dinner 2YO and I had some No-Bake Energy Bites that I made from a Pinterest recipe. Yum!

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