Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bump up activity level. Check!

So, I know it's only been a couple of days but I have to say, this is a seriously good idea and, so far, seriously easy.

I'm not placing much stock in it, but an early jump on the scale (ok, two...) has shown a 6.5lb loss! Before anyone feels the need to squash my dreams, I understand this may change by my weekly weigh in (I'm making those Friday mornings), there's water weight, and there could be other factors at play. I definitely don't feel like I've been doing anything hardcore enough for that number. But still! For someone who hasn't seen the scale move this much since pregnancy, it's pretty exciting and encouraging!

We ate the same breakfast as Day 0 because it was the most filling, and I think we're going to have that more often. 2YO wanted to play outside, so I strapped on the little one and out we went for some shoveling and wagon rides.

For lunch we had 2oz of chicken and I cut up two very small apples for us - no skins for 2YO because he has a tendency to take a only a small bite out of it when I leave it on. :)

Then it was nap time, and 2YO immediately wanted to go back outside the second he woke up. So we took the stroller and walked around the neighborhood for an hour. Wahoo for boosting that activity level! Mission accomplished!

Dinner was a grilled cheese (wheat bread and 1 slice of Provolone) and the best soup ever! Mmmmm! Highly recommended! We each had about a cup (100 cals 2g fat). Also, I resisted Hubby's offer of ice cream and haven't snacked! Even though my husband just got into bed with a HUGE bag of M&ms... grrr... Pretty proud, not gonna lie.

Yep! I think today I can say I AM rocking it! Feels good!

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