Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cheater, cheater...

I managed to fit in my oatmeal this morning, but had to share it with 2YO because Dad had only given him dry Cheerios and he was still hungry.  That little stinker is a bottomless pit sometimes!

Hubby was home from work so we did some errands and stopped at Chipotle for lunch.  I'm not a huge fan but I've had a salad that I liked so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Mmmm... It was pretty good, and they put so much on top that I ate all the lettuce and took home the rest of the good stuff and the vinaigrette for another salad at home with my own lettuce.

Here's where the big cheater comes out...  I had bought some cheese curls at Aldi and they had been opened for 2YO's lunch.  Being a Cheetos connoisseur, I had to try them and see how they measured up.  To give myself credit, I ate nowhere near what I would have a month ago!  Here's where I can't give myself any credit... There was a brownie leftover from the other day and I had meant to save it for 2YO but I ate it with a glass of milk.  At least I got my calcium in??...

A little off track but not too bad.  I blame it on smelling all the awesome smells coming from this delicious meal cooking all day!

Mmm! pork loin, potatoes, carrots, and broccoli! It was fantastic! Here is 2YO's plate. He ate it so fast!

Here is my plate. It was a little difficult to get a pretty picture with the meat falling apart when touched with a fork. Yum! I'm not a cooked carrot fan, so I doubled up the broccoli.

The best part is that it was so large I was able to freeze half and still have some decent leftovers for tomorrow or Thursday! Love adding things to the freezer so I have something when I don't want to cook!

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