Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When this week is over I'll be so much better!

It is impossible to stick to a schedule around here!

I skipped breakfast today because the kiddos were in good moods and I wanted to head into town for groceries and diapers while they were still happy. Well, all the snow wrecked that plan. We could even make it up the steep drive because of the snow and ice hiding underneath.

We finally made it out an hour later. By this time I was starving and grabbed a half of a slice of provolone cheese to hold me over. This also changed our lunch plans and we had to stop in town for lunch. Far be it from me to stop my parents from eating at their favorite Chinese place. :) I did change from my usual pork lo mien to shrimp and vegetables, which I shared with 2YO. However, he was more interested in eating Grandma's lo mien and I definitely ate a bit more than I should. Luckily the lunch potions are smaller and it didn't feel like too big of a splurge.

We spent a lot of time in town, so when we got back we were ready for a snack. I bought some Cuties and we snacked on a couple of those around 3. (By the way, check out my amazing coupon haul here.)

Dinner should be good. We have a lot of veggies left over from last night's meal and I'm going to have a big heaping bowl while 2YO eats some different leftovers.

Last night I caved to the candy jar and had 4 fun sized candy bars. Tonight I'm going to try to have more will power, let myself have 1-2, and brush my teeth early.

Fingers crossed!

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By the way, anyone want to see what I have to stand in to get a signal? That's dedication!

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