Saturday, March 16, 2013

Way off track!

It could have been worse, but today I only ate breakfast like 2YO...

I have a feeling weekends are going to be difficult!

Breakfast consisted of mini quiches like we had on day 2.  I served us both two but 2 YO asked for another!  We also each had 1/2 a banana, but 2YO asked for more and ended up eating  another whole one!  Hungry boy!

I have to mention that, when making the eggs, I put some fresh green onions in.  I've been growing these for only two weeks and they started at the top of the jar.  They grow so fast!  I'm sharing all my tips for these here.

Today was a catch- up day!  My mom came over to help,with the kids so I could wittle away at my to-do list.  She fed 2YO and I ended up skipping lunch completely!  I completely forgot until I was faced with some delicious looking dough from the batch of Moster Cookies I was making for Hubby's lunches.

Here's where my will-power failed me...  I did just fine until there was only about a 1/2 tbs of dough left at the end.  Then I caved.  I also couldn't resist having a taste of the cookie Grandma gave 2YO after his nap.  And who can blame me for not letting the last two bites go to waste when he went outside with Dad.  

Oops!  It could have been worse, I guess.

Can you blame me?  Look at those beauties! 

Ugh... I almost forgot that right before Hubby and I stole away for dinner I was starving and grabbed a few Pringles to hold me over...  Shameful.

We went to Ruby Tuesdays because I was wishing for a nice big salad after all my indiscretions.  I got the combo meal with chicken tacos.  I put those right in a box for a lunch for myself and 2YO and I had two plates full of salad!

So, nutritionally, it was not a good day.  However, even the times when I did cheat, it was still way better than when I wasn't caring about my diet at all.  Still an improvement!

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