Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It felt like Spring today!  We got outside a couple times and took a nice long walk!  2YO and I did some "high knees" around the house too.  I feel pretty good about keeping up with his activity level today.

I need to start making 2YO more oatmeal. He had his finished before Mine was done and he ate half of mine and some applesauce.

I had my leftover Chipotle salad. I had the toppings I saved from yesterday and I cut up a bunch of lettuce - yum!

Dinner was some leftover pork and broccoli. 2YO and I each had a Snickers egg for a treat.

Good activity and decent meals today, but I did have some chips I'm not proud of. You'd think I'd have had some good motivation from watching the Biggest Loser finale...


  1. Good Job!!!! It all looks super healthy.

    1. Thanks! Glad you found a moment to post - boot camp sounds amazing! I need something like that!


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