Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunny eggs and buffalo chickens

Today I made 2YO some Easter Bunny eggs.  I put 4 eggs in the pan and cooked them over hard.  I threw in a couple drops of coloring and cut out three bunnies.  I ate the scraps, but 2YO wanted more so I shared.  Also, we were each going to eat a Cutie and he ended up eating half of mine along with his.

2YO left for the cabin early with the grandparents and I got to spend the day with the little one.  While she was sleeping I had a big lunch of two Morningstar Black Bean Burgers.  I shamefully broke into 2YO's Easter candy...  I did manage to stop myself before it got out of control.  :)

We got out and enjoyed the sunny almost-felt-like-spring day.  When we got home I grabbed a quick snack of broccoli and lite ranch dressing.

I was at a bit of a loss for dinner but ended up throwing together some buffalo chicken wraps.  Yum!  

However, the last bite was full of buffalo sauce and my mouth was on fire, so Hubby gave me one of his ice cream bars...

I'm happy to say, I brushed my teeth early and have been trying to bump up my water tonight.

A quick jump on the scale roll be I'm down another pound, but I definitely could be doing better.

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