Monday, September 2, 2013

My first 5K is near - help!!!

It's crunch time to reach my goal of running a full 5K before the Lupus Walk for Hope / 5K in a week or two.

I've failed big time at raising money for this fantastic cause.  I have less than two weeks to raise something to contribute to my team.  If anyone can spare anything, no matter how small, I would be so appreciative!  Here is a link to my page for our Lupus Walk for Hope team - Nix Lupus.  Thank you!!!

Since I am getting a little anxious about this 5K, I need your help. (Gosh, I'm needy today!). I need your running advice, 5K experiences, anything!

Here are some specific questions I have: what do you eat to prepare?  How early do you arrive?  Essentials to bring?  Do you worry about finding a bathroom after the race - TMI???  What do you wear?  Do you take the kids in a stroller or go solo?  Does anyone have ankle problems?  Do you do anything different to make sure they hold up?

Here is my running tip for beginner runners, just to be fair.

As a true rookie runner, I struggle to remind myself to enjoy the scenery and enjoy my run.  I spend a lot of time huffing and puffin and looking down at the road in front of menor my own feet.  I feel so much better when I try to relax and look around.  It's just like one of my first lessons driving a car: look far off into the distance instead of right in front of the car an you won't swerve all over the place like a drunken moron.  The route I run is pretty, we have lakes all around and lots of trees, but I spen my time looking down at the squished toads and dog poo.

So, my running tip is:  Stop looking at the toads and dog poo and enjoy nature as you run!  You'll feel much better as a runner and stop looking like a drunken moron.



  1. I'll link up my first 5K experience. The best advice I can give you, is that you will be nervous. If you are a coffee drinker, I'd recommend that you drink some at least 2 hours before (to give your body time to make sure you can use the bathroom). Kinda gross, I know, but the worst feeling in the world is being nervous, trying to run and having a stomach ache. LOL The coffee usually helps me with that, plus it helps to settle my stomach.

    Also make sure you hydrate the day before. Drink a lot of water!

    And the most important part, is to have fun!

  2. Eat a light breakfast before you head out to the race. There will be bananas and bagels (usually) available after the race. Do all the things you normally do when you run. Remember, if you have to walk some...who cares? You're out there! Good luck and enjoy it!!

  3. You got this! I hate running so I'd be walking in that race...LOL! As soon as I get my moola in my PayPal account I plan to come back and donate! Good luck!

  4. Depending on how big the race is, I would get there a half hour before. For your first one, I would skip the stroller and go by yourself. Eating something light that won't upset your stomach. And have fun! :)

  5. I wish you the best on your up coming race! I'll speak to my husband about donating to your cause tomorrow


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