Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Pot Fajita Pasta

I've been warning everyone that I'm making the switch over to my permanent home at Exploring Domesticity, so if you haven't already please follow me over there.  I wouldn't want to lose any of you!

I'll keep reminding you for another week or two, but most of my posts will be over there and linked from here.

Here is a yummy dinner that I made last week.  It is perfect for one because you can do it completely in one pot if you wish and eliminate all other dishes - I'm serious, if you're eating along who needs a bowl when you already have it in a pan?

I used to make these one-pot meals all the time and it was much easier to keep track of what I was eating.  My family absolutely loves this so I make enormous batches now.  It's just a complete hit all the way around!

And just because it's Sunday night, here's a little motivation for your Monday.


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  1. Please come cook for me! :) That looks delicious. I really just need to start venturing into making different dishes. I stick with what I know, which is not much.ha

  2. I'm following you now! I need all the domestic help I can get! This dish looks yummy!

  3. I loove pasta! That looks yummy. I love quotes because it's empowering. Never give up on your dreams. I completely understand. You never know how close you are to making your dreams come true. Have a great week.


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