Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm out of control!

I feel like My head is spinning and I'm just waiting for things to slow down again!

We're having a garage sale this weekend, so we've been busy!  I hate all the planning leading up to a sale, but love the cash that comes after!  I literally keep envisioning dollar bills each time my stress gets to me. :)

Set-up started early this morning and I skipped out for an hour to take 2YO to gymnastics.  I spent the rest of the day, until 5:30 pm, on my feet.  I was so tired!  My food consisted of two meals of sloppy joes (at least one was on a sandwich thin?), half a waffle, and cauliflower salad.  Hubby came home with a McFlurry for me, which was greatly appreciated but I suppose I should have given it back.  But I didn't!

I need review why I started this blog and the great "plan" I had.  If I didn't let myself slowly chip away at that plan, I would be doing pretty good right now.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stayed on track until dinner time and then Binge City!

This morning I was so committed to eating healthy today and not overeating or turning to junk.  I made myself a bowl of oatmeal while feeding the kids, but gave it to 2YO when he wanted more and never got around to making myself more because I was feeding the baby.

For lunch I made myself a nice big sandwich and was determined not to grab some chips or anything besides maybe some fruit with it.

My parents had taken the kids so I could prepare for our garage sale this weekend, and I decided to run over to get them. I had great intentions and ended up having all sorts of problems with C25K. The app went a little crazy on my back at Week 3 and didn't show that I completed two of those days. So, when I started it today, it started me on Week 3 and I didn't notice until the running section was short. I hate how the app won't let you skip the warmup or check off those past days without running the whole thing.

I ran for quite a while at the beginning but felt a bit defeated and didn't end up completing anything. I made it to their house with only a little actual running under my belt.

When I did get home I was starving and I couldn't shake it. I shared some clementines with 2YO trying to hold off a full-on snack attack. As I was thawing and heating our soup for dinner I caved and grabbed some veggie chips. Then I ate the soup so I wouldn't snack anymore.

When 2YO and I were finished with our soup we treated ourselves to Monster Cookies. That at least did it for a while, but I didn't stick to strict healthy like I planned and I'm still hungry!


Monday, May 27, 2013


If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!
Summer Fun
1.  What is your favorite summer fruit?  First thing to pop in my head - Cherries - yum!!!
2.  Do you know how to swim?   Yep and I enjoy it.  Do I do it?  Nope.  I can't even stand the thought of myself in a swim suit.  Really sad since I watch my husband and dad in the water with 2YO and I feel like I'm letting myself miss out.
3.  Do you prefer sun or snow?  LOVE snow!  I look forward to it every year, but I do get sick of it around March - this year it was May!  So, the sunshine is welcome after that.  How about a beautiful sunny day snowmobiling?  Heaven!
4.  What temperature do you like most inside your home?  I like to keep it at 63 in the winter and 76 in the summer.  My husband complains and would like 73 year round.
5.  Is it humid where you live?  It gets pretty humid in the summer, but right now it's cold.
6. What is your favorite food to put on the grill?  I love anything on the grill!  Shrimp is the best!  Steak, burgers, brats - yum!  Um... I mean plain grilled chicken :)
7. Do you prefer to wear a one-piece  or two-piece swim suit?  Tankini and always some shorts - even when I was small.
8.  What is your favorite summer drink?  Bud Light Lime
9.  Do you prefer the pool or the ocean?  Yuck - I really dislike the ocean.  Can't stand the salt.  I'm also not a huge fan of chlorine.  I'd pick the lake.
10.  What are you looking forward to most over the summer?  I'm looking forward to enjoying the nice weather with my kiddos and getting outside as often as possible.

Weekly Goals 7

Operation Skinny Jeans

Last Week's One and Only Goal: 

Post each and every day

I did it!  Until yesterday...  So close!  It didn't really help much, but I have been letting my eating go while at the cabin.  I did manage to get a couple runs in, but didn't get to it today which I feel a little bad about.  I am very proud that I managed to get out there in the morning on Sunday, though.  That helped me get it in before family time got in the way.

This week's Goal: 

Enter Multiple Diet Bets and win!

I have read about many of you who have done this.  I think this would be a HUGE motivator for me! I am so frugal and would love to "make money" losing weight!

Could any of you who have experience with this explain the process a bit?  And if there are any of you with reservations about doing diet bets, could you share those too.

I know I can do a great job once I get started and make the right changes.  I also know from experience that it becomes easier once those habits are created.  I am consistently losing about a pound a week so I'm moving in the right direction, but I am sure I can do better with a little more motivation.  

I want to start losing weight like it's my job!  :)

Subsequently, my other goals would be to eat less, cut out sweets, get more activity in, and drink more water.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I didn't get that run in but I did get a walleye

My eatings wasn't great and I didn't get my run in.  Hubby came up today and threw my schedule off a bit.  We headed into town for a fishing license and did some fishing when we got back.  That was what took the place of my run.  Hopefully I can work it in tomorrow, because my eating has definitely been off.  On a good note, I caught the first fish of the summer!  A 19 inch walleye won't make me thinner but it sure was fun!  Thatks all for now because I'm posting from my phone and these tiny buttons are really irritating!  :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lazy Lake Days Around the Corner

We are officially ready for summer!  Today was spent getting the dock into the water, having the boat delivered, getting the wave runner and lift ready, and getting excited for summer!

We also had a great fish fry to kick of Memorial Day weekend.  I am proud to say we didn't make nearly as much as usual and served it with a side of steamed broccoli.  This batch wasn't made with my dad's amazing secret recipe but it was still pretty great.

Besides the nighttime (small) cup of ice cream, I didn't do too bad on the sweets today.  I grabbed a bowl of cereal in the morning and didn't get to a lunch of leftover Chicken and Artichoke Casserole until late afternoon.  Add in a small snack of popcorn on the boat and that was my day in food.  Not too shabby for the cabin.

I almost forgot!  I completed Week 3 Day 3 of C25K - although my app is force closing just as I finish and thinks I'm still on Day 2.  But I did it!  :)  I was a little more tired today than yesterday, but I kept up with no cheating.  I'm a little nervous about week 4 - it seems like a big jump and a full 5 minutes of running seems like a TON to this girl!  It is supposed to rain but as long as the weather cooperates a bit, I'll be out there.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good running, poor eating

Have I mentioned how much my 2YO can eat!?!  Especially breakfast.  I think the kid is destined to be a farmer - he could live outside and he puts back a breakfast like he has a full day's work ahead of him.

So, when I saw that we only had three eggs left, I knew I'd be lucky to get a couple bites.  Luckily it was enough to get me through our busy morning.

The kids and I decided to go up to the cabin early for the Memorial Day weekend.  Therefore, we had to have all our stuff packed and ready to go before 10am gymnastics.  (By the way, I did a <i> terrible</i> job packing and forgot a bunch of stuff for myself and ALL of 2YO's clothes!)

We did a Subway lunch during the 2 hour car ride and I didn't have the healthiest sub - that lady really loaded on the mayo.  I also had more than a few plain potato chips.

I meant to show a picture of our amazing dinner (not on the healthy list) but I get limited internet up here and am updating from my parent's ipad (with service) and the pictures are on my ipad (no service).  We had a Chicken and Artichoke Casserole - yum, yum, yum!

Ok, ok, none of that sounds too good.

So let's focus on the positive.

I ran around with 2YO during am gymnastics and completed Week 3 Day 2 of C25K.  Don't bother looking back if you're wondering when I started C25K, it was not 3 weeks ago...  I have periods of 3 minutes of running and I actually felt like it was not a problem at all.  Kind of exiting.  I should mention that I didn't go nearly as far as I did during the first two weeks.  I guess I ran a bit slower trying to save up my energy and complete the 3 minutes without dying.  Hopefully we'll see some improvement tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NSV #7



I'll have to think pretty hard about this one... I haven't done too well this week and I'm heading to the cabin tomorrow.  If you follow my story at all, you know that place is the devil for my weight loss.  However, I am committed to getting out for my C25K each day and my cousins and I are going to fit in some workouts.

Back to my NSV...

I guess, although I have reverted back to my chips and chocolate, I have stuck to my goal of blogging each night.  I also feel like my meals and portions have not been terrible.

That's a really weak NSV.

Oh!  Here's a good one.  All 3 pairs of my big jeans that I broke down and bought after Baby, when it became apparent it was that or my maternity pants, are loose.  Now, I believe some of that is the pants stretching, but the snuggest pair that didn't seem like it would stretch too much is also looser.

There!  That's a good one!

Good luck to everyone else with your NSVs!!!

Come Back Sun!

Today was another rainy day off and on. The sun pops out just enough to make you miss it more when, seconds later, it starts to sprinkle again.

Needless to say, our activity level has suffered... We can't wait for those sunny days to return!

2YO and I had kind of a crazy morning. I was exhausted from another slightly sleepless night with the little one and grabbed 2YO some dry cereal before heading back to bed. He later didn't want the cereal and was hungry right before we eat lunch so I grabbed him a granola bar. Nothing for me, but I barely noticed.

We did some chicken, black beans, corn, and rice for lunch. I snuck some Hershey Kisses during nap time - I blame it on skipping breakfast... Well, it could have been the reason...

Hubby got done with work early, so I was able to skip out and do some Target coupon matching and save 50% off my bill! :) He also finished up making our yummy dinner while I was gone. Woohoo! Doesn't happen often.

I snacked amongst the toys while keeping my little one company during her bottle.  :)

Here's hoping I will resist my nighttime chocolate cravings! Fingers crossed!

By the way, I'm co-hosting the Pinterest Power Party tonight if anyone has a project they'd like to link up, otherwise it's a nice place to grab some neat ideas for pinning!
Pinterest Power Party

Exactly why this was my goal!

Well, this post is for yesterday.  It's not that I didn't have plenty of time to write it last night, it's just that I couldn't write up my meals or my day while I was sitting and snacking on Hershey Kisses...

Wasn't that the whole reason I created that goal!?!  Grrr...

Well, here's how the rest of the day went:

We ran over to my parents early in the morning and I finished up this project for the kid's playhouse.

We had some banana bread for breakfast and I had a cauliflower salad for lunch. I should mention that 2YO had banana break, cornflakes, and two eggs! That kid can sure put away a huge breakfast!!

Here's a peek at dinner that was pretty tasty.

Then it all fell apart... I made my first mistake by bit brushing with 2YO, which usually keeps me from snacking. I also didn't post about my day, specifically because I new I was going to snack... I need to change my thinking and get back on track!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Not too bad, really

Besides being stuck inside most of the day, I think I did pretty well. I kept trying to get us outside, but each time the sun was out for a few minutes, it would follow with rain! It was so strange.

2YO and I grabbed some oatmeal for breakfast and split an orange (well, he had one and a half mandarin oranges to my half).

Lunch was a tired-momma-can't-come-up-with-anything kind of meal. I busted out a Hormel sandwich maker and made us some meatball sandwiches. Those things are pretty high in cals and fat, but I only used less than half of the container for the sandwich we split.  I also added a big pile of green beans - twice what is pictured, really.

I was fighting off some major junk cravings today. I had some of Hubby's chips as I filled his lunch, but I held back. Once 3:00 rolled around I broke down and grabbed some veggie chips for 2YO and myself. At least I put them in a small container.

I made a salad to go with some leftovers for dinner and let myself have four fun-sized Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.

Yeah, I gave in but in moderation... That's progress.

The kid who went down fighting, and didn't really lose

Have any of you been keeping up with this inspirational kid?  Zach Sobiech, his story, his song, his family, and his final days has touched my heart and I am overcome with sadness for his family after his passing this morning.

If you haven't come across his songs or YouTube videos I highly encourage you to take a look.

Zach's song "Clouds" is hauntingly beautiful and will leave you with a sense of what is important in life.  It's the people surrounding us and our relationships that make life so precious.

Zach mentions in the documentary of his final days that the best thing is "seeing a smile on someone's face and knowing you put it there."  If we could all live that way and put such goodness out there, what a wonderful place we would live in.  If we could manage to hang on to that thought and implement it even on a rare occasion, we would bring so much happy to our own lives and the lives of others around us.

Zach's message has spread and inspired so many.  His song, "Clouds" was featured in a video with a large handful of celebrities singing along in tribute to him.  I haven't been able to get the tune out of my head for weeks and I hope it stays longer.  What a great reminder of how fortunate we are to be on this earth and to hold those close to you a little tighter and enjoy the moments together.

Zach went down fighting this morning, and it was only after I heard the news that I realized he was from my hometown.  I watched my high school and familiar settings flash through the videos, and felt an even closer connection to this courageous young man and his family.

I encourage everyone to learn more about Zach Sobiech.  I promise you will be touched.  I hope you will take away a sense of what makes life worth living.  I pray you will do something about it, even if that means reflecting a bit more, giving one extra hug, or closing your eyes and making one more memory.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Goals #6

I need to get better with posting! I used to do it every day and now I've been devoting most of my time to Exploring Domesticity because it's more fun to share fun stuff than my struggles with my weight.

I was going to post on Friday about my day and share that I found a Burley bike trailer/jogger for $40 (which I was pretty excited about), but I wanted to post a picture and never took one. That silly reason kept me from posting each day since then. I love my new stroller, much better for navigating the rough terrain of the I maintained sidewalks around my neighborhood. I think I should replace the straps, though, they're in pretty rough shape. Does anyone have any experience with getting replacement parts? I suppose I'll just look into it when I get a chance.

I was going to post yesterday while I was at the races with my son and my dad but my phone died and I couldn't get a picture of the devil cheese curds I consumed. For some reason that kept me from posting too. Such lousy excuses, I think it's just me not wanting to be held accountable.

I did snag a shot of the healthy stuff I packed and my cute little boy and his first reaction to the cars racing around the dirt track.

Water, oranges, and energy bites for dessert!

Operation Skinny Jeans

I am only setting one goal for the week!

Post each and every day!!!

Forget that other stuff, I was doing a lot better when I was being held accountable by this blog and I'm going to get back to it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Non-Scale Victories #6


I'm going to resist the urge to list all the things I did this week that were definitely not victories and only focus on the good!

We went to a Chinese Buffet for Mother's Day. Oh no... Huh? I am proud to say that, although I ate all the things I love, I ate less because I made a trip to the salad bar first! This is unheard of for me - I love a good salad, but I usually never "waste" my time when there are so many other yummy things to chose from!

I did some major twisting of my ankle over the weekend and I could have stopping my C25K or backyard workout, but I didn't. I did the best I could on C25K and didn't lie to myself - I ended early and ended the workout. So, I'll have to do it again when I could have probably moved on to Week4.

I'm also pretty proud that I didn't succumb to snacking while the kids were gone yesterday and I made one yummy dinner!

What are your non-scale victories for the week?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Backyard Workout #2

What a fun night. We got together for a backyard workout and boy did I need it!

Hubby got me a some chocolates for Mother's Day and I worked my way through the whole thing by last night... Thank goodness he only got me the small box this time! I could curse him for the temptation, but I think the smaller box was my sign that he's trying. :)

I had some time without the kiddos today. I grabbed a quick Jimmy Dean DeLites bowl for breakfast, some leftover noodles with lost of broccoli for lunch, and a salad for dinner. Not too bad, really.

I did have to make up for a couple of nights of desserts, so tonight's workout was great. I had meant to change up our routine, but then thought it was only going to be two of us so I thought we'd just go through it again.

I'm not sure if I didn't push myself as hard or if It was just a bit easier than the last time. We got through it a bit faster and went a bit further on our running portions. What fun! I can't wait to change things up a bit for next week!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly goals and FMM

Operation Skinny Jeans

Last Week

  1. Get through all of Week 3 of C25K.  Almost - I would have finished week three today, but I ended up quitting early because I'm not feeling the greatest and messed my ankle up a little on Sat.  I still got out there and did some running!
  2. Keep up the healthy snacking, don't go backwards here!  I did great during the week, but the weekend was a bit of a disaster.
  3. Work out with the ladies Tuesday.  Did it!  We also have plans to do it again this week - so much fun!
This week
  1. Watch the snacking and portion sizes - model my plate after 2YOs.
  2. There is SO much to do this week before the garage sale - try to keep moving and productive!
  3. Stay on track during the weekend!

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic! 
1. Do you use coupons?  On yes!  I double coupons for free stuff at Target, get free makeup at the Dollar Tree, and get some great deals checking Walmart Clearance items and coupons!  We don't have a decent grocery store that doubles coupons or I'd probably get even crazier.
2. How often do you weigh yourself?  Every Friday and probably about two other times during the week.
3. What was your favorite TV show as a kid?  Boy Meets World - I just saw pictures from the filming of Girl Meets World - exciting!
4. How often do you drink alcohol?  I manage about 1/2 a beer every two weeks or so!  :). So different than before I had kids!  We were kid-less Saturday night and I'm still feeling a little off from the drinks I had - it's just not for me anymore...
5. Have you ever met a celebrity or public figure that you really admire?  Not someone I really admire, but I did meet John Stamos - funny story!
6.  If you had to choose between only your cell phone or only your laptop all week which would you choose?  Definitely choose to have my cell phone.
7. What is your favorite brand of detergent?  I make my own
8. If there was a movie about your life, who would play the role? No idea...  It'd have to be someone who doesn't mind fluctuating weigh loss and weight gain for the role
9.  What book are you currently reading?  I wish I could read like I used to!  I did grab a lot of books on technology, money saving, and business - I really need to get into reading some of those!
10.  If you could spend one day on vacation anywhere in the world, which place would you choose? Only one day?  Maybe Ireland... If I could magically transport there.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pain and regret!

Ugh... I feel so gross right now!

Today was not the best day for me. I was so excited about this week and then I totally let myself down...

Small bowl of oatmeal this morning, good. Running around with 2YO at gymnastics, good. That's seriously about where it ends...

Lunch was a quick and easy pick-up while we were out. 2YO was a bout to pass out and I shared 1/2 of each of my two wraps with him before he passed out. I grabbed a few multi-grain tortilla chips - also not a terrible amount.

When 2YO woke up I made him all that he would eat - PB&honey on a tortilla and I ate about 1/4 of it. Then I was filling Hubby's Doritos (I should really make home do it himself, I can't be trusted) and a segment on The Doctors about weight loss caught my attention and I absent-mindedly ate a few handfuls! Argh!

Here is my picture of dinner...

... Except that I ended up eating that AND 1/2 of 2YO's pork chop. Then I ate FOUR of these! No Bake Energy Bites. They're better than other treats I could have overdone it on, but still...

Now I feel sick and miserable! Gross!



This week has been a good one. I have a few NSVs and I think I might actually have a victory on the scale when I weigh-in tomorrow too. I've already posted about my NSVs, but for those of you just visiting, here's a little recap.

  1. I finally got organized enough to get some ladies together and commit to a backyard workout at least once a week.  We had so much fun and a great workout!
  2. The kiddos and I have spent the majority of each day outside now that It's been nice out.  The house is a complete mess, but I've spent a lot of time playing and being active! :)
  3. I've kept myself pretty busy with being outside and active and trying to catch up on things when we are inside, that I haven't even had time or the desire for unhealthy snacking.
  4. I've been keeping up with the C25K, even though I'm home and have to find different routes and they're in highly populated areas which used to intimidate me.  I haven't been too concerned with what people think as I jog by at the speed of snail.  :)
So, today has been a god week and I hope it continues!  As for the scale, I think I'm looking at a 3 pound loss and I'm pretty happy with that.  I've been working pretty hard.

I have to share that my husband, who is not actively trying to lose weight has reported that he is down 15 pounds since last Friday. What!?! How fair is that? What is it with guys? He's been working on a project in the yard that requires a lot of physical labor and, with the heat, he's been pouring out the sweat. I guess he's earned it, but 15 pounds!?! How unfair are the differences between men and women?

I guess I'll take my 3 and be happy and ignore how unfair the differences between men and women are!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feelin' it!

I am loving this nice weather!  The kids and I have been outside the majority of our days and they've even slept in a little, which is great!  My little one woke up early but let me snuggle her back to sleep, and 2YO didn't get up until 8:00!  Hooray for wearing them out outside!

We got out the door just before 10:00 and started out for our walk/jog.  I'm on Week 3 Day 1 of C25K and I thought for sure I wouldn't make it through.

My legs were burnin' from last night!  It was such a great workout - I could feel the burn in all those underused muscles, but I don't feel like I overdid it at all.

Back to the C25K... I did it all!!!  I kicked some booty on those 3 minute stretches of running.  It may not sound like a lot but, unlike many people who start this program, I really would be in the "couch" category.  So, I'm pretty proud!

Food was good too, I'd say.  I'm trying to remember if I grabbed breakfast, but I think I was frantically trying to get us out of the house while I fed 2YO eggs.

Our walk to us to my parents and I was served a chicken sandwich (sliced deli chicken, not like a fast food chicken).  My parents are updated my old playhouse for my kiddos and we watched Grandpa put in the new floor and I helped him clean up a bit.

I'm just realizing now, but I had zero desire to snack when I got the kids back for naps.  Amazing!  I did snitch a few of Hubby's Doritos as I filled his lunch bags, but nothing crazy. I made some fried rice for dinner and had a small bowl.  I also experimented with making some Sweet Potato Veggie Pancakes - or something like that, I was just winging it and haven't come up with a name.  I shredded sweet potato and added broccoli, a tiny bit of corn, 1 egg, plain yogurt, green onions, and a pinch of cheese and made them in a muffin tin.  I think they'll be great to have in the freezer for days when we need a little veggie kick - they were tasty!

Now 2YO and I are trying to wind down while I wait for that precious shower/"me" time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outdoor workout - so much fun!

I was so excited to finally start hosting some workouts now that it's finally nice out! This week was kind of quickly pulled together and the only ladies that could make it were two of my cousins, which was actually a really fun way to start.

I started by planning the circuit schedule.

I decided to make some signs, which would come in handy when more people commit.  I wrote the exercise at the bottom so I could cut it off each week and add a new one until I reach the number,

I posted the stations outside. I had an area with benches for triceps dips, an area at the gazebo for calf raises, some stakes around the yard for other stations, and an area at the swing set for pull-ups.

I posted the master list in a central location so we could remember when we needed to do some running.

We had such a great time and a really good workout! I had fun preparing a pitcher of water and some energy bites and the girls appreciated it.

The only thing to work on is making sure we have some good music and a better way to time our intervals. Anyone have any ideas, tips, suggestions in that area?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Another good day

Completed Week 2 Day 3 of C25K this morning!  I was actually looking forward to it - amazing what some nice weather can do for ya!  I actually was compelled to take the kids out again in the evening, but I didn't want to push it.  Crazy that I enjoy it.  That will probably change tomorrow because I will have to run more...

The kids and I ran/walked to my parents' house and they walked with us a bit while I finished (they're only about a mile away).  They took the stroller and I ran the last two segments on my own.  that was the first time and I can't decide if I liked that better or not...  I felt a bit lighter, but I also bounced more.  :)

When it was done I definitely could have kept going.  What a great feeling!

My food was pretty decent today too.  I had a small bowl of Cheerios with 2YO and a yummy chicken sandwich at my parents.  I guess there was a little cheat in there - my mom snuck a fun size Twix on my plate and I ate it - I don't feel one bit bad, it was my first piece of chocolate since last Wednesday and it was tiny.

When we got home I needed to salvage a HUGE bag of bread that was starting to mold so I cut half uf it into crutons and may have snacked on a few while tasting.  WW people will be shakong their heads saying, " keep track of BLTs...". I think of that all the time!

I carried the little lady around the yard in the front pack while playing with 2YO before dinner. For dinner we had pasta with wheat egg noodles (maybe 2oz), one asiago chicken sausage and a TON of fresh broccoli. Yum! Very proud that I didn't overdue it and ate about as much as 2YO - that kid really put 'er down this evening, but that's beside the point.

I'm pretty happy with the way things are going this week!


If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!
A Little About Me

1. Have you ever experienced love at first sight?  Nope.  I first met me husband in 5th grade and knew him until we graduated without every being interested.  Definitely not love at first sight. :)
2. What channel is your TV on most? Sprout 
3. Share one quality that you’re proud to have.  I used to think I was pretty easy-going.  That changed a bit once I got married and had to share my life with someone, I get bugged by the little things and can't claim easy-going so much anymore.  I think if it could be considered one quality, I'm a pretty darn good Momma!
4.  Describe your idea of a great evening.  Some quality time with my husband and the kids would be nice.  Now that the weather is changing and evening outside would be great.
5. If your friends were asked to describe you in three words, which words would they choose?  Happy, quirky, loud
6. What is your favorite holiday?  Definitely Christmas - although those words kind of stick in my throat right now because of how much I want summer!
7. If you could change one thing that would make your life easier instantly, what would it be?  Beginning to bring in another income and still be the primary caregiver of my kids.
8. What is one healthy food that you crave?  Lately I'm craving salads, which are healthy as long as I don't put too much crap on them.
9. Do you wear socks when you sleep?  No way!  I don't care how cold I am, they will eventually drive me nuts!
10. Share at least three things for which you are thankful.  I'm thankful for my kids, my parents, and my life in general.

Weekly goals

Operation Skinny Jeans

Last Week

1: Continue C25K.  Figure out a way to find a time and place, and maneuver our non-jogging double stroller.  Our stroller held up pretty well yesterday.  That was the only day I've done the C25K since last Monday, but we've been dealing with some crazy weather.  The fact that I did it at all her at home with people that could recognize me, our busted up sidewalks, and my non-jogger stroller is a success.  I'll likely head out tomorrow for another run.

2. Get a group of ladies together and host a work out at least one day a week.  Again, I blame the weather.  But.... I did contact a group of ladies and a friend to create a circuit plan for us.  We may be able to start it this week after all.

3. No chocolate or unhealthy snacks.  Zero.  At least until the weekend.  Failure!  I continued to snack at home until Thursday and I've had zero unhealthy snacks since then.  Why Thursday?  We had a nurse come over Friday morning to do our physicals for our life insurance and I got a little more motivation.  Isn't it funny how, once we finally break the bad habits, it's easier to stick to for a while?  Then we start the snacking and that lasts longer than it should.  Why is it so hard to just get right back on track?  I know better than to say, "I wrecked it last night, so what does it matter."  You can know all the right things to do, but that doesn't make it easy.

Goals This Week
  1. Get through all of Week 3 of C25K
  2. Keep up the healthy snacking, don't go backwards here!
  3. Work out with the ladies Tuesday

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Running for pizza?

After my post yesterday I took the family out and completed C25K Week 2 Day 1.  My husband and step-daughter rode their bikes and I pushed the two kiddos in the stroller.

I ran/walked 1.5 miles and then completed the workout while pacing back and forth on the path outside Papa Murphy's while Hubby picked up a couple pizzas.  What!?!  Does that sound a little counterproductive?  Maybe a little, but sometimes this Momma doesn't want to cook.  My cool down was the 1.5 miles back - that's got to count for something!

Ok, not the healthiest dinner, but do you know how many pieces I could put back if I didn't care? I had two and that was it! Nothing else with them, no snacks, no piece of chocolate for dessert. I brushed my teeth and didn't snack the rest of the night.

Today was beautiful again! Minnesota has me and my Summer Wreath to thank. ;)

We had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and a turkey sausage patty and ran some errands. When we got back the kids needed to be fed and put down for naps and we had some meltdowns and chaos. In all that I ended up finishing 2YOs burritos (happy Cinco de Mayo to us). At least I shared some oranges with him or It would have been a pretty pathetic lunch... I guess it still was.

I had a lot to do with the little one while 2YO napped, and when she went down and he got up (isn't that always the way?) I took him outside to try his new swing. It was so beautiful we spent the rest of the day outside playing. 2YO and I got some quality time running around the yard and when the baby woke up, I strapped her in the carrier and wore her around for a couple hours. I'd call that a pretty decent workout!

We had some leftover pizza for dinner but I made some big yummy salads to go with it. I've been craving salads! Yum, I could have one right now!

Not to worry, no more snacking for this lady. I'm on a good little run here and I'd like to keep it going. I actually took a quick peek at the scale tonight and was down another 3 pounds. Crazy! I can't believe I saw a number like that in the evening! If I can keep this up the rest of the week I could be looking at an amazing weigh-in on Friday!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Enough is enough!

I got back on the wagon yesterday. I refrained from snacking and overeating and I've continued today.

I saw a one pound loss yesterday, which was comforting if not encouraging. At this size I should be seeing more, but I can hardly expect that with my eating this past week.

I'm getting that eating back on track. Especially important because the weather has been a bit of a setback with my activity.

The sun is shining now! I think I will convince the family to take a walk instead of running errands. Those can wait. We never know when we'll lose the precious sun!

Short post, but I'm out of here!

Here's a quick peek of my current project. I think I was jinxing us with keeping the winter wreath up so long!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Heading to the cabin

The kids and I are heading up to the cabin with my parents...  I'm almost dreading going because my will power there is almost non-existent.  I feel like a burden when meals are being made for me, so I eat whatever we have.  I also have a mother who loves ice cream every night.  I can't resist it when I'm there!  There are also candy jars and yummy snacks.

Ugh...  I need to find a way to stay on track.  It might be a good time to start C25K, because I'll have help with the kids. That's an option...

I'm already having a little trouble with self control this week.  I've dipped into the Reece's Eggs more than necessary and slacked on my water.  I've done pretty well on meals and stayed pretty active, though.

We'll see how the numbers come out.

Not quite sure what I should do about that either - there is no scale up there.  Maybe I'll weigh-in tomorrow before Baby Gymnastics.  Although, I doubt I'll remember.  I'll try.

So, today. Two Egg Muffins, salad, and meatloaf with asparagus.

Yum! What a delish dinner! It was my first time making meatloaf and I'll probably never be able to repeat it.

A brief summary of my not-much-of-a-recipe recipe:
Just under 1 1/2 ground beef
1 small onion
1 tbsp mined garlic
Breadcrumbs (I crumbled the last remaining flat bread and two end pieces off a wheat loaf)
1 egg
Couple splashes Worcestershire (maybe 1 tbsp)
Couple shakes of grill seasoning
1 packets of Ranch seasoning
1 tbsp Western dressing drizzled on top

So good! I ate two pieces - probably should shave stopped at one but I couldn't resist. 2YO had two helpings too!

Exhaustion has gotten the best of my blogging!

I fully intended to post last night and passed out with the kids and my ipad laying next to me! The little lady hasn't been sleeping too well and I've been running myself a bit ragged with all I've been trying to get done during the day.

I've been failing miserably at my weekly goals... I need to get back to reporting my food and exercise each day. I snapped a couple pics of meals and snacks, but went a little nuts anyway.

Yesterday I can't even recall if I had breakfast!  That tells you a bit about my morning!  For lunch 2YO and I split a sandwich with some of our leftover rotisserie chicken.  We had some celery and lite ranch and shared a couple mandarin oranges.  A pretty good lunch and I don't think I was left unsatisfied or grabbed any other snacks.

I was also good around 3pm when 2YO asked for some "sauce."  I decided I'd have some with him and measured out one serving which was 1/2 a cup.  I actually left it in the measuring cup because it made it a lot easier to eat while fielding two little ones.

The baby decided she needed some apple sauce too.  Gotta love chubby baby fingers!

We had some leftover chicken with broccoli and cauliflower for dinner that I didn't take any pictures of and I regrettably broke into the chocolate again... I did refrain for late night snacking because I passed right out with the kids!

Today was a skipped breakfast rush on the way to gymnastics. I got my exercise running with 2YO to tire home out and bouncing on the trampoline holding my 6-month-old. Lunch was a delicious wrap fromSam's and an embarrassing amount of chips as I filled Hubby's lunch bags.

I made a casserole for dinner and I just realized now that I never added the peas! It would have added a bit more veggies, but we did have it with corn on the cob. Do you know the trick to no-peel, microwave corn? It's awesome!

I resisted any nighttime snacking finally! I'm really going to get my butt in gear with the eating thing!

Thursday, May 2, 2013



Thank goodness for this!  Things have definitely not been so great on the food front and the scale has been going nowhere fast.  I almost thought I didn't even have any non-scale victories to report.

That's what's so great about about this linkup!  It makes you think about your week and realize it's really hard to break these habits that got us to this point, but even when we're feeling discouraged there is something we can find to be proud of.  It's so easy to get down on ourselves and let that completely wreck our week, but this helps to think of the little changes that are getting us to our goal.

Even if my eating wasn't where it should be, I started some good activity this week!  I did C25K four days in a row while at the cabin!  It was so nice out and I dragged my but out to the road and felt so good when I was done.

I guess I'm "resting" now that I'm home because look at this!

Seriously!?! I actually got a bit of a sunburn on Saturday and now we're back to frostbite? Look at the poor little flowers, I feel like I'm in Oz in the Poppy field!

So, we're back to keeping indoors. Not to worry! Tiny Twisters gymnastics is today! 2YO and I will do plenty of running and jumping to get that energy out! I also got together with a friend of mine who is a personal trainer and will help get together some backyard workout for me and the other ladies I round up!

Now if I could just curb the impulsive eating habits, we'd be in good shape! Literally! :)