Sunday, May 5, 2013

Running for pizza?

After my post yesterday I took the family out and completed C25K Week 2 Day 1.  My husband and step-daughter rode their bikes and I pushed the two kiddos in the stroller.

I ran/walked 1.5 miles and then completed the workout while pacing back and forth on the path outside Papa Murphy's while Hubby picked up a couple pizzas.  What!?!  Does that sound a little counterproductive?  Maybe a little, but sometimes this Momma doesn't want to cook.  My cool down was the 1.5 miles back - that's got to count for something!

Ok, not the healthiest dinner, but do you know how many pieces I could put back if I didn't care? I had two and that was it! Nothing else with them, no snacks, no piece of chocolate for dessert. I brushed my teeth and didn't snack the rest of the night.

Today was beautiful again! Minnesota has me and my Summer Wreath to thank. ;)

We had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and a turkey sausage patty and ran some errands. When we got back the kids needed to be fed and put down for naps and we had some meltdowns and chaos. In all that I ended up finishing 2YOs burritos (happy Cinco de Mayo to us). At least I shared some oranges with him or It would have been a pretty pathetic lunch... I guess it still was.

I had a lot to do with the little one while 2YO napped, and when she went down and he got up (isn't that always the way?) I took him outside to try his new swing. It was so beautiful we spent the rest of the day outside playing. 2YO and I got some quality time running around the yard and when the baby woke up, I strapped her in the carrier and wore her around for a couple hours. I'd call that a pretty decent workout!

We had some leftover pizza for dinner but I made some big yummy salads to go with it. I've been craving salads! Yum, I could have one right now!

Not to worry, no more snacking for this lady. I'm on a good little run here and I'd like to keep it going. I actually took a quick peek at the scale tonight and was down another 3 pounds. Crazy! I can't believe I saw a number like that in the evening! If I can keep this up the rest of the week I could be looking at an amazing weigh-in on Friday!

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