Monday, May 6, 2013

Another good day

Completed Week 2 Day 3 of C25K this morning!  I was actually looking forward to it - amazing what some nice weather can do for ya!  I actually was compelled to take the kids out again in the evening, but I didn't want to push it.  Crazy that I enjoy it.  That will probably change tomorrow because I will have to run more...

The kids and I ran/walked to my parents' house and they walked with us a bit while I finished (they're only about a mile away).  They took the stroller and I ran the last two segments on my own.  that was the first time and I can't decide if I liked that better or not...  I felt a bit lighter, but I also bounced more.  :)

When it was done I definitely could have kept going.  What a great feeling!

My food was pretty decent today too.  I had a small bowl of Cheerios with 2YO and a yummy chicken sandwich at my parents.  I guess there was a little cheat in there - my mom snuck a fun size Twix on my plate and I ate it - I don't feel one bit bad, it was my first piece of chocolate since last Wednesday and it was tiny.

When we got home I needed to salvage a HUGE bag of bread that was starting to mold so I cut half uf it into crutons and may have snacked on a few while tasting.  WW people will be shakong their heads saying, " keep track of BLTs...". I think of that all the time!

I carried the little lady around the yard in the front pack while playing with 2YO before dinner. For dinner we had pasta with wheat egg noodles (maybe 2oz), one asiago chicken sausage and a TON of fresh broccoli. Yum! Very proud that I didn't overdue it and ate about as much as 2YO - that kid really put 'er down this evening, but that's beside the point.

I'm pretty happy with the way things are going this week!

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