Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stayed on track until dinner time and then Binge City!

This morning I was so committed to eating healthy today and not overeating or turning to junk.  I made myself a bowl of oatmeal while feeding the kids, but gave it to 2YO when he wanted more and never got around to making myself more because I was feeding the baby.

For lunch I made myself a nice big sandwich and was determined not to grab some chips or anything besides maybe some fruit with it.

My parents had taken the kids so I could prepare for our garage sale this weekend, and I decided to run over to get them. I had great intentions and ended up having all sorts of problems with C25K. The app went a little crazy on my back at Week 3 and didn't show that I completed two of those days. So, when I started it today, it started me on Week 3 and I didn't notice until the running section was short. I hate how the app won't let you skip the warmup or check off those past days without running the whole thing.

I ran for quite a while at the beginning but felt a bit defeated and didn't end up completing anything. I made it to their house with only a little actual running under my belt.

When I did get home I was starving and I couldn't shake it. I shared some clementines with 2YO trying to hold off a full-on snack attack. As I was thawing and heating our soup for dinner I caved and grabbed some veggie chips. Then I ate the soup so I wouldn't snack anymore.

When 2YO and I were finished with our soup we treated ourselves to Monster Cookies. That at least did it for a while, but I didn't stick to strict healthy like I planned and I'm still hungry!


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