Friday, May 3, 2013

Exhaustion has gotten the best of my blogging!

I fully intended to post last night and passed out with the kids and my ipad laying next to me! The little lady hasn't been sleeping too well and I've been running myself a bit ragged with all I've been trying to get done during the day.

I've been failing miserably at my weekly goals... I need to get back to reporting my food and exercise each day. I snapped a couple pics of meals and snacks, but went a little nuts anyway.

Yesterday I can't even recall if I had breakfast!  That tells you a bit about my morning!  For lunch 2YO and I split a sandwich with some of our leftover rotisserie chicken.  We had some celery and lite ranch and shared a couple mandarin oranges.  A pretty good lunch and I don't think I was left unsatisfied or grabbed any other snacks.

I was also good around 3pm when 2YO asked for some "sauce."  I decided I'd have some with him and measured out one serving which was 1/2 a cup.  I actually left it in the measuring cup because it made it a lot easier to eat while fielding two little ones.

The baby decided she needed some apple sauce too.  Gotta love chubby baby fingers!

We had some leftover chicken with broccoli and cauliflower for dinner that I didn't take any pictures of and I regrettably broke into the chocolate again... I did refrain for late night snacking because I passed right out with the kids!

Today was a skipped breakfast rush on the way to gymnastics. I got my exercise running with 2YO to tire home out and bouncing on the trampoline holding my 6-month-old. Lunch was a delicious wrap fromSam's and an embarrassing amount of chips as I filled Hubby's lunch bags.

I made a casserole for dinner and I just realized now that I never added the peas! It would have added a bit more veggies, but we did have it with corn on the cob. Do you know the trick to no-peel, microwave corn? It's awesome!

I resisted any nighttime snacking finally! I'm really going to get my butt in gear with the eating thing!

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