Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outdoor workout - so much fun!

I was so excited to finally start hosting some workouts now that it's finally nice out! This week was kind of quickly pulled together and the only ladies that could make it were two of my cousins, which was actually a really fun way to start.

I started by planning the circuit schedule.

I decided to make some signs, which would come in handy when more people commit.  I wrote the exercise at the bottom so I could cut it off each week and add a new one until I reach the number,

I posted the stations outside. I had an area with benches for triceps dips, an area at the gazebo for calf raises, some stakes around the yard for other stations, and an area at the swing set for pull-ups.

I posted the master list in a central location so we could remember when we needed to do some running.

We had such a great time and a really good workout! I had fun preparing a pitcher of water and some energy bites and the girls appreciated it.

The only thing to work on is making sure we have some good music and a better way to time our intervals. Anyone have any ideas, tips, suggestions in that area?


  1. What a fun idea. You could also do something like this at a local park if you have a big group.

  2. I'm such a solitary exerciser ... I'm just more comfortable doing it on my own.

  3. I wish I lived close by and could work out with you. It just sounds like so much fun!!


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