Thursday, May 9, 2013



This week has been a good one. I have a few NSVs and I think I might actually have a victory on the scale when I weigh-in tomorrow too. I've already posted about my NSVs, but for those of you just visiting, here's a little recap.

  1. I finally got organized enough to get some ladies together and commit to a backyard workout at least once a week.  We had so much fun and a great workout!
  2. The kiddos and I have spent the majority of each day outside now that It's been nice out.  The house is a complete mess, but I've spent a lot of time playing and being active! :)
  3. I've kept myself pretty busy with being outside and active and trying to catch up on things when we are inside, that I haven't even had time or the desire for unhealthy snacking.
  4. I've been keeping up with the C25K, even though I'm home and have to find different routes and they're in highly populated areas which used to intimidate me.  I haven't been too concerned with what people think as I jog by at the speed of snail.  :)
So, today has been a god week and I hope it continues!  As for the scale, I think I'm looking at a 3 pound loss and I'm pretty happy with that.  I've been working pretty hard.

I have to share that my husband, who is not actively trying to lose weight has reported that he is down 15 pounds since last Friday. What!?! How fair is that? What is it with guys? He's been working on a project in the yard that requires a lot of physical labor and, with the heat, he's been pouring out the sweat. I guess he's earned it, but 15 pounds!?! How unfair are the differences between men and women?

I guess I'll take my 3 and be happy and ignore how unfair the differences between men and women are!


  1. Amazing about husband's weight loss and you are so organized!

    1. Thanks! It is pretty impressive - guys stink! :)

  2. Great NSV! I love that you have your workout written out. I keep wanting to do that! And it's not just your husband that can drop weight fast. Mine routinely does that to me, too. I slave away to drop a couple pounds and he just eliminated donuts and soda from his life and is down a pants size two weeks later. So unfair!

    1. Absolutely not fair! I don't get it! :)

  3. Being organized is huge! Congrats on some great NSVs this week! Thanks for sharing and linking up!


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