Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Come Back Sun!

Today was another rainy day off and on. The sun pops out just enough to make you miss it more when, seconds later, it starts to sprinkle again.

Needless to say, our activity level has suffered... We can't wait for those sunny days to return!

2YO and I had kind of a crazy morning. I was exhausted from another slightly sleepless night with the little one and grabbed 2YO some dry cereal before heading back to bed. He later didn't want the cereal and was hungry right before we eat lunch so I grabbed him a granola bar. Nothing for me, but I barely noticed.

We did some chicken, black beans, corn, and rice for lunch. I snuck some Hershey Kisses during nap time - I blame it on skipping breakfast... Well, it could have been the reason...

Hubby got done with work early, so I was able to skip out and do some Target coupon matching and save 50% off my bill! :) He also finished up making our yummy dinner while I was gone. Woohoo! Doesn't happen often.

I snacked amongst the toys while keeping my little one company during her bottle.  :)

Here's hoping I will resist my nighttime chocolate cravings! Fingers crossed!

By the way, I'm co-hosting the Pinterest Power Party tonight if anyone has a project they'd like to link up, otherwise it's a nice place to grab some neat ideas for pinning!
Pinterest Power Party

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