Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day Zero ;)

So, I'll be honest...

I was going to begin this plan on Monday because it'll be easier to stick to when my husband isn't around, and do we all do the, "I'll start tomorrow" thing, don't we?

I did get up this morning thinking it would be a trial run, but life makes the best laid plans tricky.

I planned to eat some oatmeal with my 2YO for breakfast, but Grandma and Grandpa stopped by and couldn't resist when he asked them to take him shopping with them.  So, I skipped breakfast and failed step #1...

I did serve myself the same amount of spaghetti (2oz noodles with 3 turkey meatballs, bringing it to 5oz).  However, I'm sure many mommas can relate to the unfortunate timing issue...  2YO was getting sleepy and I held of crankiness by getting him into his high hair and promising food, but the noodles weren't ready.  2YO and I split a banana, but the noodles still weren't ready so I gave 2YO the last crumbs of a tube of Pringles to further hold off crankiness (I did not share this snack).  By the time lunch was ready, poor 2YO was sleepy and only ate a few bites of his spaghetti.  I put him to bed, and what did I do???  Finished his spaghetti...  So ashamed...  But, this is the exact reason the plan is to eat the same breakfast as 2YO when Day 1 starts. :)

The afternoon didn't go quite as planned either...  I skipped out during nap time to get some errands done and missed out on the pm snack that is supposed to help keep me from bad snacking.  Dinner plans changed when my husban's family stopped by and we ended up ordering out.  However, I did stick to splitting a veggie sub with 2YO.  Not part of the plan, but my husband did save me 1/3 of a BLT as well...  So far, I haven't caved but I also haven't brushed my teeth with 2YO to prevent snacking...  Will power, don't fail me now!

I'd say Day 0 wasn't a complete disaster, but it does make me realize that I most likely won't always be a perfect plan-follower.  I do think any of these small steps I take will be an improvement.

Most importantly, I want to try to stay active when my son is active - not something that worked too well today because we were both out, but I did get a chance to play outside with him after my errands.  I may not always end up with perfect meals, but the goal of all this is to be a better Mom for my kiddos. So, if I get that part in, I'll be doing alright.

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