Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A crappy week, but full of revelations!

Last week, after my DietBet ended, I went off the deep end and ate everything I felt like and don't get much exercise in...

However, I felt like crap and came to some conclusions that made me feel really good!

Everything I ate made me sick. I still over indulged but I felt so awful after. None of that would have phased me before, but I was feeling it this time! we had chocolate cake for my Mom's birthday and it made me feel so gross I couldn't even look at another piece of cake the next day. I definitely felt the ill effect from all that junk and, by the end of the week, I was craving a nice big salad!

Even through all the junk, I kept up with tracking for the most part. My food diary is visible to all friends on MyFitnessPal, so it felt really hard to be truthful. I are the crap so I darn well better be able to admit it! I also tried to compensate with some runs. Ugh! That was tough with all the crap I was eating! I wrote all about that here, but the gist is: that run that was so awful, would have easily been considered my best run a week before. That's progress!

I am now back in the game and it feels good. I still crave that crap that made me feel like junk more than I do when I stay away from it, but I'm committed again! I also would like to complete another full two miles without walking and I have proven I can't do that without the right fuel.

The best part about all this was it showed me my body is craving a healthy lifestyle. I thought I wasn't at the point where I could try to make these changes for life and I needed a cheat day week after a full month on. The truth is, my mind may feel that way, but my body was not happy. Hopefully the feeling of how yucky I felt will help tame the beast next time I want to go crazy!



  1. Writing here is sure to help the next time you consider trying it! I know even having my one cheat meal often makes me feel a little gross!

  2. I know exactly what you mean - I feel awful after eating too many carbs in a day, my body just seems to have a cut off point and if I go past it, I feel so lethargic and blah for the rest of the day emotionally and physically, but if I eat well the transformation in my mood and energy levels is almost instant!

  3. I swear, I can live on junk food and I feel just fine (yes, I've tried it) ... I have yet to successfully go without to even see what the difference would feel like without all the sugar and processed foods.

    Still trying to get to the point where I feel like I can open up my food diary on MFP to public. Yesterday actually wasn't too bad, but still too many entries in the "completely empty calories" category (yes, I actually labeled one of my sections that to see if it made me feel guilty putting things there).

  4. Great job! It's weird how fast your body can change to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and start craving things that are actually good for you.

  5. I haven't eaten any crap for a while, my body doesn't crave it at all now. It's easy to see why that stuff would make you feel bad. Great job on getting back on track. Maybe that was your last binge. I did have a graduation cake binge in early June and it was a nasty binge. Since then I haven't wanted anything sweet.

  6. I hate when that happens. I always go through those crappy phases too. But that's good that you have moved past it.


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