Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Goals and another round of Dietbets

Whew! That last week was pretty gross. I thought I could eat like I used to for a few days, but yuck!

I tried to track all the junk, and it really made me aware of how terrible I used to eat. I also got some runs in at the beginning of the week and one awful one tonight. It really made me realize how badly I was fueling my body.

I start another dietbet tomorrow, and I'm really happy to get back to healthy eating and good workouts.  I love the players in the new game - completely supportive and fun right off the bat!  The game is open to anyone, so feel free to join us.  This has been the best motivation for me and helped me loose 15lbs each month - now I just need to work on not gaining 5 back in between!

I thought I wasn't quite at the point yet to make a full lifestyle change. I was really looking forward to letting myself indulge in everything I hadn't let myself have for a month. What I found out was that I am closer to the goal of healthy living all the time, not just yo-yo dieting. The way I felt wasn't worth the indulgence. At. All.

Operation Skinny Jeans

My goals for this week are pretty simple

1. Back to my healthy eating and meal planning of last month
2. Workout every day. I'm going to try to keep up with shooting for a full 5K. If I don't have time for that, I need to at least get a quick little at-home workout in.
3. Keep up with the blog and get some of the half-finished posts out. I've got some great thoughts floating around out there, and maybe if I can spend my time on them it will help keep my mind in the right place and keep me on track.

A little view from our window tonight. Did I mention that one of these guys ran right in front of me during my run the other day? There have also been some black bears sighted not too far down the road from my route - I wouldn't want to run not one of those!

Do you see them?  We may have witnessed quite the show if my Little Lady hadn't started banging on the window!

Don't forget to link up your posts with any tips and tricks you may have - old or new - or any posts looking for help or advice!  We had 20 fabulous links last week - be sure to check them out!

Like a 2-Year-Old

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  1. Fantastic. That is a great realization to come to when you no longer see induglences as the joys they once were. You can see how letting an induglence run wild will only take you a few steps back. When the image of your goal begins to grow bigger than your desire for the induglences that is where the magic happens!

  2. I need to try a dietbet some time. I bet their great motivation! Love your weekly goals. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Diet Bet looks pretty neat! Good luck and I've done so much better with my water intake lately but for some reason I'm become obsessed with eating stupid gummy worms. I blame my mom for dropping a big azz tub of them off at my house for us...LOL. Good luck with your next diet bet!

  4. Beautiful surroundings! Great and totally do-able goals! You can do it!

  5. Do-able goal. This is what they call breaking large goal into smaller sizes which are more manageable. Good luck with that.


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