Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breaking records running! Do I need new shoes?

So, the kids and I have been up at my parents' cabin for the past week and we will stay another week.

Next to the great family-time, beautiful scenery, and help with the kiddos, the best thing about being here is how much easier it is get my runs in. I have one old hand-me-down stroller up here, so I take  one of the kids (usually the little one), and my parents watch the other one. So nice!

We also have a circle (Circle Road, to be exact) that is about a mile long, so it's pretty easy to keep track and know how far I've gone or need to go. The scenery isn't too shabby either. There is one portion that smells wonderfully of maple syrup (no joke) and a deer ran out in front of us the other day. I can do without seeing the bears that have been sighted, though!

Last week I actually hit a personal best of running TWO straight miles and continuing on for a third that I ran more than half of. I was in a really good groove and let my mind wander rather than focusing on running.

I haven't had a great run like that since. Shortly after, my dietbets finished and I let myself to a little wild with my eating. When I tried to pick back up it was a struuuugle! I pushed it for a mile and ran/walked another mile. I felt like poo, but then I thought about it... That awful run would have easily been considered my best run a week ago! It would have been unheard of a month ago!

I've still been struggling a bit... Yesterday, I ran one full mile and walk/ran the second. Today was also a struggle. I hit that full mile, but the Little Lady ended up a bit fussy and, after doubling back to pick up a dropped Nuk, I brought her back to the cabin. I quickly picked up 2YO and headed back out for another mile run. It ended up being about half and half. I totaled about just over two and a half miles with all that, and some running around the yard with 2YO after we returned.

I need to get back to that great head space I was In when I made it two miles. It felt great!

So, here's my question... How important are the shoes you wear? I see so many people proudly showing off pictures of their new Brooks and raving about the night and day difference. Is it really that great?

Let me show you what I run in...

Yep, those are some ancient Sketchers Tone-Ups. See the double knots? I don't even tie them - I slip them on each time. Is that awful?

I thought I needed some new shoes and I bought some cute Addidas. I thought they'd be great because they were light, they looked like a running shoe to me, and they were cute. I brought them up the last long stint at the cabin and immediately called Hubby to bring my old shoes because they rubbed at the heel and didn't have any cushion.

I'm hoping it's not just a matter of time before I really mess up my already weak ankles or something. I really don't want to shell out a ton of cash for new shoes either.

What do you wear?

Do you feel like the right shoes are super important, or do you run with whatever?

Are Brooks really the best and, if so, we just passed my Half Birthday and these are really cute!


  1. I think shoes are very important. I have some knee injuries and I went to a specialty running store and they fitted my foot for the best type of shoe. They are trained to see how you walk and fit you for a show that will work best for you. I found out I am an overpronator. Got shoes to correct that and between good shoes and loosing some weight my knees are in much better shape. You may pay a little more (I paid $130) but it was worth it....FYI... I don't know how true it is but I've always heard you should run in "tone-up" type shoes. It's really easy to roll your ankle in those. Just think with the right kind of shoes you might break your PR. Good luck on shoe shopping.

    1. I know! I've heard such awful thing about Shape Ups and I figure Tome Ups fit into that category but they're so comfy! :)

  2. Shoes are VERY important for runners but don't just buy a brand because people said they are "the best". You need to go to a store that specializes in athletic/running shoes and have your feet tested and find the right shoes for your gait and your feet. I went in looking for Brooks because they were "the best" and walked out with a pair of Sauconys because they were the best for me!

  3. Shoes are really important with any type of fitness. I agree with the above comment that you should not buy something just because someone says they are the best - everyone's feet are different. Shoes also seem to change - they way they fit and they way they are made. Right now I like K Swiss running shoes and my new Nike training shoes.

  4. I hate shoes ... seriously, I can't find comfortable ones and I do have a hard time shelling out over $100 (maybe that's WHY I can't find comfortable shoes). I have several pairs, some Saucony, New Balance, Nike. I ONLY wear them when absolutely necessary and I take them off the second I can (if I'm jogging at the track I'll wear sandals or something and just slip shoes on at the last second). At home, I prefer the elliptical and stationary bike, because I can wear sandals with them!


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