Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Goals: I'll try...

Operation Skinny Jeans

Ok, I have to be honest.  I don't know what kind of goals I'll come up with for this week.  To be honest, I and dying for a bit of a cheat week.

My DietBets are almost over, and I lost another 15lbs this round!  Must be my magic number for these things!  I was debating starting a new one on the 26th just so I could feel free to go nuts on Fair food, but I have one starting next Monday, the 19th - Fit for Fall - join in!

Before I get to how I plan to handle this cheat week real-life weight loss week, let's go over last week's goals.

1. Make all efforts to STOP late-night snacking!!  If I want a snack at nightI have to fit it in before 8. I will brush my teeth with the kiddo all week to stop food from entering my mouth at that time.  I bought Silk Iced Latte to slowly sip as my dessert after dinner - and that's it!!!  I did really well with this one!  I drank my soy mild or brushed my teeth and kept away from snacking!

2.  Try again on getting a group together.  Continue to work on organization until I can actually gather the girls.  *sigh* will this one ever happen?  It's looking doubtful... And I get so excited planning it all.

3.  Meal plan and use up ALL the things I bought at the farmer's market.  Nailed it!  We had roasted zucchini, steamed mixed beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and I even gave my first go at Saag - pretty tasty and impressive!

Goals for this week:

As I said, I get pretty strict when I'm doing DietBets, I probably should scale that back when I start nearing goal.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't crave some cheats, and I'll probably work those things into my diet I a healthy way once I can keep myself from going crazy.
  1. Keep tracking!  I have logged into MyFitnessPal for almost 30 days straight and I don't want to beak that streak.  Plus, it will help keep me conscious of when/if I go over my cals this week.
  2. Bump up the fitness!  The Lupus 5K is only a month away and I need to get to running!  (I would be so grateful to anyone who would buy a cute Nix Lupus T-Shirt, donate to the Nix Lupus team, or could spread this message around via their blog, social media, or what have you. Seriously, check out the shirt - it would make a great workout tee or you could make it into a tank!)

  3. Keep planning healthy meals.  If they're planned, I'll be able to fill myself on the good stuff instead of all the snacks/chocolate I've been craving.
  4. So nervous, but I'm starting a link up.  It's a place to share advice as well as ask for advice, so we can help each other all in one place.  That will be up and running tomorrow - fingers crossed that I did everything right!  Please come and link up with your tips and tricks and inquiries for help!

Does anyone else ever feel like they need a break to slow it down and indulge in a controlled way? Or are you at a point where you can work it into your life without ruining a week or a day... Or don't you even crave like that anymore???

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  1. Love that you are starting a link up!!

    You are doing awesome! I finally lost 3 lbs but it didn't budge at all last week :-/ it's not as easy as it used to be for me! Can't wait for some tips and tricks tomorrow!

  2. I keep debating on if I want to add Fitness Pal back to my phone. I just may have to do it! My scale hasn't budged in weeks but thankfully it's not moving up either...LOL!

  3. AHHHHH the diet bet is looking skim for me. I think weigh-in is like tomorrow and I have 3 pounds to go. Oh no. BUT, I'm glad I did it because this is the most my weight has been moving here lately! I'm back on fitnesspal and loving seeing your diary. Yesterday was rough for me food wise, but I'm loving tracking on my phone at the moment. I'm not too caught up in calories, but when I'm averaging about 1400-1500 I'm feeling very good. Anyway, sounds like you are having a great week. You may be getting my $25 haha

  4. I do low carbs which cuts sugar out for me which in turn made a HUGE impact on my cravings!!! I don't nearly as much as I used to. I plan a cheat item once every two weeks. If I make it a cheat meal I inevitably eat bad from the moment I wake until I go to bed. So I try to get it down to a cheat item or one cheat meal.

  5. I think the link sounds fun! You are really doing well at crossing the goals off your list!


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