Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bad eating + new workouts = the cabin + no weight loss

As I expected, I've had a few set-backs last week and at the cabin. My weigh-in brought me up a couple pounds... I don't know if the 3 pound loss the week before was a bit of a fluke, if I really did that bad last week, or if weighing-in a day early put me a little off. It could be all of that.

I was a little discouraged, and even more discouraged because I have a heck of a time resisting temptation here at the cabin. I have dipped into that candy jar more than I'd like to admit. I haven't been sticking to my original plan much at all.

Here's what I did do...

For those of you who've been hearing me talk about it, I finally started the Couch to 5K!!!

I'm on day 2 and, let me tell you, my legs are feeling it. I like that it is totally manageable, though! It's tiring, but I can keep up and want to keep going. We have about a mile loop that I've been going around. It took just over that yesterday and I think I could have gone around nearly twice today (I turned back at the same spot as yesterday and had to keep doubling back to finish).

I'm taking it pretty slow and it's not natural or graceful. I'm definitely that girl you pass on the road and think, "why would someone put themselves through that?"

I forgot to pack any work-out clothes that would even remotely make me pass for someone who is serious about getting in shape, and I've taken one of the kids each time in the old, hand-me-down cabin stroller.

Look at that - the perfect specimen of the physically fit!

Yep, there's a little snow in the picture and the lake is still completely frozen, but today was beautiful!  What a great time to start running!  I came back and had a healthy meal and, as long as the rain doesn't show, I plan on going for Day 3 tomorrow!

Yep, that's my plate sitting on the dock. What a nice day to eat outside! We grilled some chicken with an awesome marinade that, unfortunately, had to go with the skin. Next time I'll get it right and remember to remove just before the cooking is done and hit it again with some of the marinade. Still delicious, though!

I hope no one minds me peppering back in more pictures of my meals. It really helped hold me accountable for my portions.


  1. Haha no you look great. People are thinking "Maybe I should be out there getting my butt in gear". I love food pics! Keep em coming! Do you Instagram?

  2. I haven't really gotten into Instagram - I don't know much about it.


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