Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This week will be better!

I am determined to make this week better than the last couple!  Yesterday was great and I think today was pretty good too.

I did the oatmeal thing for breakfast and was almost sabotaged for lunch.  I was out with the kids and my parents and the easiest p,ace to eat was a Chinese buffet.  Sounds dangerous, right?  It was a super small buffet and I didn't exactly eat a perfect meal but O don't feel like I overdid it either.

I was craving chips later something fierce, and normally I would have given in because, "I already ruined my day with Chinese, why not just eat what I want..."  I did no snacking until dinner and I decided to let myself have a <b>small</b> handful lie of chips with dinner.

I've said it before, these are definitely not a health food, but I do feel better choosing these with loaded with veggies over Cheetos!  I also tend to eat a little less, especially if I'm good and portion it out instead of eating out of the bag.

After dinner I battled with a chocolate craving.  Again, it would have been so easy to give in and use lunch as an excuse to go crazy.  I am happy to report I did NOT give in!  I drank my water and brushed my teeth with my little guy!

Sure, I could look at my lunch choice and get down on myself.  That would have normally spiraled into a total unhealthy binge day.  I'm so happy I could keep my eye on the prize and hold strong the rest of the day!

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