Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday weigh-in and Tiny Twisters

Drumroll please.... Down 3.6 pounds!!!  Amazing. 

This is really just do to a little more activity and portion control.

haven't joined a gym, I haven't taken up running (although I keep thinking about it), I haven't counted calories, and I haven't started eating only healthy foods.

have had some chips here and there, eaten whatever I feel like making for my family (just a bit less), gone to a Chinese buffet, snacked at the movie theater, and not stressed at all about how I'm going to get those numbers I want.

It doesn't seem like I should be losing anything.  Just goes to show you how much of a difference small changes make.  I attribute it all to:
  • Being conscious of my portions - keeping size and variety much like I feed my 2YO and eating off the same sized plates
  • Trying to play more with my son each day and add a little activity
  • Putting obstacles in the way of times when I would normally snack (binge, really) - trying to keep busy during rare downtimes and doing things like brushing my teeth early to prevent snacking in bed
  • Including healthier snacks to keep from getting hungry and turning to junk
I definitely don't feel like I'm on a "diet."  I eat plenty, feel satisfied, am happy with my choices, and play a bit more actively with my kids.  Sure, I could lose more if I was a bit more strict and worked out a bit, but these smaller changes are working for right now and I will keep adding to them and increasing my healthy lifestyle in stages.  I feel like this will help me be successful in the long run.

I'm adding some new activity to the mix also.  2YO and I will be going to a Tiny Twister gymnastics class each Thursday.  We went to try it out today and he had such a good time!  It will be so much fun!

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  1. That's great! You're doing so well. It really is about a lifestyle change instead of just a diet. Keep making those better choices and have fun at your new baby gymnastics class.


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