Monday, April 22, 2013


I'm posting instead of running for the Reece's Eggs that I know are other cabinet and calling my name!

I need to remind myself that I already shared a piece of chocolate cake today...  That settles it, no more!  Other than that, today was alright.

The plan was to eat breakfast at Ikea before the store opened, but our huge, unplanned detour got us there almost an hour later than we thought.  We skipped the breakfast idea and did some shopping at the mall first.  We headed over it Ikea and grabbed some lunch.  I had a buffalo chicken wrap and my mom had some chicken strips and fries which, of course, she couldn't finish.  I hate being wasteful and I helped her out and saved the second half of my wrap because it would keep better.  So I had half the wrap, one and a half chicken strips, a very small handful of fries, and half the chocolate cake.  Ugh... That could have gone better...

Dinner wasn't spectacular health-wise either.  We had leftover pork that I shredded with BBQ sauce and put on buns.  I threw some tater tots in the oven because I was completely out of quick ideas.  We also had Soycatash from Trader Joes - corn, red peppers, and edamame.  Ever had it?  Mmmm!  My family loves it!  Highly recommended!

On the plus side, we did an awful lot of walking today. Hopefully it's enough to counteract that cake!

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