Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Productive day = no snacking!

I'm pretty darn proud of myself!  5 productive hours without kids and I never once gave in to the urge to snack!

We had oatmeal flavored with a little peanut butter and honey this morning.  I was home by myself for lunch, which could be a little dangerous.  I wanted to snack the second I walked in the door, and I normally would use that time as a chance to snack kid-free and relatively guilt-free. Instead I had a ham sandwich and I sprinkled a little toasted flax seeds to add some yummy crunch and goodness.

I allowed myself some veggie chips and put them in 2YO's snack cup for portion control.  For dinner we had the leftover portion of this yummy meal.

I fixed some mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes to go with it.  I kept my potions a nice size and didn't go back for seconds.

I should mention that I have served all my meals on small plates lately.  I think it really helps to fool your brain and tummy, because I myself don't even notice if I'm eating less - even when I purposefully doing this.

Looking back on dinner tonight I realize that I have been getting used to these smaller portions and limited snacking without even noticing.  I've been feeling satisfied with eating off the smaller plates and I brushed my teeth with 2YO without even thinking that I wish I could be snacking.  Hopefully this is a sign that these small changes will continue to lead to really healthy life-long habits.

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