Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly goals

Operation Skinny Jeans

I could use some manageable and attainable goals for the week...  

  1. Go back to using my water reminder on my phone and get that water in!
  2. Add both a fruit and vegetable to each lunch 2YO and I eat.
  3. The weather is looking a little yucky for the week.  My third goal into get my activity in while stuck inside and get out if the weather permits!
Anyone share these goals?  Any tips for activity when stuck inside with 21 and 5 month kiddos?


  1. Which water app do you use?

  2. Do you use an app to track your water?

    And you could go on walks. I loved doing that when my son was little!

    1. We do like to take lots of walks! They love them. It's supposed to be a rainy/snowy week so hopefully we'll make it out!

  3. I used to use Carbodroid and it reminded me each hour with a bubbling sound. I think I'll do that again as a reminder. It's a very simple app, there are probably better ones out there now.


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