Sunday, April 21, 2013

FMM - 4? I think...

Inside My Head

I like… when I can be productive and make a dent in my never-ending list

I don’t like… this complete lack of sleep lately. Is there some reason the little one won't sleep anymore?...

I love…my kids and family

I dream of… finding some way to provide for my family and still be home with my kids

I wonder… how I can gather the knowledge needed to start my own business. Where to start? How do I make sure I do it right?

I know… that I'm sooo tired but won't get any sleep for a while

I went… to Target today and got the free Earth Day bags and some other freebies.

I think… I am growing as a person and doing what is best for my family - and it feels good

I plan…to head to Ikea and the MOA tomorrow - fun!

I regret… allowing myself to eat so much junk this weekend after such a good week last week.

I do… need more "me" time

I drink… water almost exclusively

I wish…I could magically have a website set up for my business and be ready to go

I am… tired

I am not… good at coming up with these answers

I need… a full night's sleep

I hope… that I can give my kids everything they need - physically, mentally, emotionally

I want… to win the lottery

I sometimes… get this healthy eating thing right

I always… feel a sense of urgency to get started with all the plans I have

I can… count my blessings right now and work very hard on improving the future

I cannot… wait to see what the future holds

I avoid… doing things with people because I'm so embarrassed of my size right now

I will… have a good week and continue to improve little by little


  1. What kind of business do you want to start?

    1. I have a masters in Behavior Analysis so I'd like to do some consulting or, ideally, open a center for children with autism. I also am working on another idea, completely unrelated but it could be easier to start and maintain if it takes off.

    2. I'm a counseling major and getting my master in clinical mental health! Very cool business to be in!

  2. Good luck on starting your business, what an exciting venture!


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