Friday, April 5, 2013

Secrets revealed!

It's so strange that this makes me nervous...  I'm actually getting a little nauseous as I type this...

I think it's time to start talking numbers...

Isn't it funny how I don't even want to share my numbers here?  We're nobody knows me or will judge?

As you can see, I haven't shared my name or any identifying pictures either.  Maybe that will come.

I will open up about one thing and here's my story in numbers.

Until pregnancy, my highest weight was 186.  That was back in 2006 or 2007 and I made the decision to join WW online.  I was in grad school, lived alone, had a great gym with awesome classes on campus, and had some great friends to exercise with.  Within a year I had lost 50 pounds.

I maintained a weight of somewhere around 140 until I graduated and started dating my future husband.  By our wedding in 2010 I was around 160 and dropped about 15 for the wedding.

When I got pregnant with our honeymoon baby I ballooned up to *censored* [gained 70 lbs] by the end of my pregnancy.  I only managed to get back down to *censored* [lost 20 lbs]  before getting pregnant with our second child.  They are 16 months apart, and I basically decided it would be easier to get pregnant again than lose the weight...

My youngest is 5 months now and we're not planning on having any more, so it's time to get healthy again.  I want to keep up with my (almost) 2-year-old.  I REALLY want to be in pictures with my children while they're young!  I haven't let myself be photographed with them except a picture of our faces with me giving them a kiss because it's the only way I think I look acceptable.  I just want to be the best I can be for them!  I want to be the fun mom!

Alright, let's talk current numbers...

*deep breath*

I started this blog at *censored* [an insanely large number of lbs] ...

Week 1 weigh-in:*censored* [lost 6.8 lbs
Week 2:*censored* [lost 1.6 lbs] 
Week 3: *censored* [lost 2 lbs] 

And today, after overindulging in Easter candy and giving in to cheese balls... *censored* [gained 1.2 lbs] 

So, it went up... I guess I'm not surprised...

I want to say I've done better today, but I did give in to the cheese balls and Easter candy...

Yesterday I resistencia those horrible snacks with a couple of these yummy things! Anyone above the age of ten, besides me, still eat Ants on a Log?

To show you how much 2YO can eat, here was our breakfast. Egg, hash browns, and turkey bacon.

I was surprised with sushi for lunch and 2YO had leftover hambone soup. Our dinner was leftover Pasta with Avacado "Cream" Sauce.  Did I mention that 2YO had 2 bowls of this last night!?!  I had to give him some of mine because I was feeding the baby and that was easier than getting up.  Such a big Easter!

Tomorrow the kids with be with the grandparents while we do some cleaning and cooking for Little Lady's baptism on Sunday. I hope I do we'll without 2YO and with my bad-influence husband!

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