Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Workin' on those goals

How are things going, you ask?

"Eh" would be my answer.  Meal portions have been going well.  I'd say being active with the kiddos has been pretty good too.  Snacking has been a killer!

I didn't stay away from Hubby's chips today, but I did try to make up for it by taking the kids out for a walk.

I have been doing well with Goal 2.  Yesterday's lunch included broccoli and grapes.  Today's lunch was a chicken salad wrap (with celery mixed in) and a half Clementine - the other went here.

I'm having a little trouble with the water goal. It's funny how I've always felt like I was a huge water drinker. I've never been without a few water bottles at home. Recently, when I've been trying to drink more to snack less, I can't seem to do it. I filled my 24oz bottle twice today and yesterday I probably only had 1 or less. I brought the kids to my parent's house and brought along some work I wanted to do. They have well water and they thought it tasted a little funky with all the runoff of the melting snow.

I've still kept the nighttime snacking I check, so that is an accomplishment. As we speak I am setting my water reminder. I actually do seem to remind myself throughout the day, but there are always reasons not to fill up the bottle (feeding a baby, putting someone to sleep, rushing to get something done before the kiddos need me), so we'll see if that reminder does anything.

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