Saturday, April 13, 2013

Date Day!

The grandparents took the kiddos today and we had 8 full hours all to ourselves!  Oh the freedom!

What did we do with this time?  We went to Half Priced Books where Hubby bought movies and I loaded the cart with 10 different books about money, web design, food, time management and mommy tips.  So excited to steal away a couple minutes each day to read a bit of each!  We ran some other errands, saw G.I. Joe, and picked up a trampoline for 2YO's birthday in June (when he'll really be two).

How did this busy day without kids affect my goals?  I can say that I definitely didn't achieve my goals and I didn't eat the best, but I did make better choices that before.

Breakfast was eggs and sausage and mini doughnuts...  I know...  Did you ever go to the fair and wish you could have mini doughnuts all year long?  Well let me tell you, they need to stay at the fair!  My step-daughter's grandpa sells them and we end up with bags full.  Usually I don't give in but the penny-pinching side of me wanted to start clearing them out of the fridge before we have to throw them.  Bad choice, I know.

Hubby was hungry and wanted to grab a quick lunch before the movie but we only had a few minutes so he swung through Arby's.  Luckily, a salad sounded good but I did have it with crunchy chicken.  Not the best choice again, but the salad was likely the best choice I could have made.

It gets worse... We picked up some candy before the movie and Hubby got the large popcorn.  I would proudly say that I didn't have a ton of the popcorn, but that is because I was more interested in the chocolate.  Bad choice, but let me pat myself on the back for only eating a few and not the entire bag like I would have before!

Dinner was a dish I got from grandma when picking up the kiddos.  Pat on the back for a smaller bowl than I normally would shave dished up.  I'm also trying to catch up on my water.  I had a bottle at the theater but that's about it.

All in all, I wouldn't call today a success, but a small step in the right direction.

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