Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ok... I think I can explain my spaz moment the other night...

I've been really off lately.  I have no idea what it stems from, but I haven't been feeling like myself.  I've been suffering from a bit of lack of sleep with the two kiddos, was going a little crazy preparing for my little girl's baptism today, and just got to a point yesterday when I was pretty down.  To make matters worse, our computer was having issues and the guy who fixed it lost some files (pictures and videos).  I'm stressing myself out thinking that all of my kiddos videos and memories are gone - I could cry thinking about it...

I think all of this contributed to my anxiety about sharing my numbers.  I've been thinking about it a while and I will probably share one day, but it made me feel pretty vulnerable to have that out there. (Of course, one could probably do the math and figure out where things stand now.)

I weighed myself yesterday morning and I didn't show the gain that I had the day before so that was a relief.  I haven't been watching my food the best lately, though.

Yesterday was a hectic prep day and today was the baptism.  Yesterday wasn't too bad because I was busy, but today was not the smartest food day.  I started with oatmeal so I could make it through 11:00 mass and the baptism following without going crazy.  We served gyros for lunch and I had two and a huge slice of chocolate fudge cake.  I haven't eaten since lunch, which also isn't the greatest but I haven't been hungry.  I meant to at least have some leftover broccoli but the kids took all of my attention and I didn't get a chance.

I'm going to try very hard to eat smart this week.  I plan to get all our fruits and veggies in and drink all my water...  That's always the goal but I'm going to give it another go and do better!

We were all exhausted after today!

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