Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One down, one to go

I'm the verified winner of my first DietBet and my second one is over tomorrow! I'm not going to lie, I'm a little more than excited to take a day or two off. We are still planning all of our meals (with the exception of one awesome fish fry) around my new eating habits and I plan to sneak in some runs when I can.

So, how much have I lost in a month?

If I stick with this pace, I will reach my goal in 4 months. That would be fantastic! I feel pretty confident if I keep going with the DietBets I will continue to lose, because I will not lose money! And... I'm so excited about how that motivation has worked for me!

I've taken two days off from running to enjoy the beautiful weather from the boat. I plan to run early in the morning tomorrow. I think I will try one full mile and work my way up to the full 2 that C25K expects from me.

We have been having some amazing meals!

I've been making a lot of the easy breakfasts I made last time we were up here. They are so yummy, keep me full, and even my parents love them. It is unbelievable that they fit into my low-cal diet, especially the Hashbrown Stackers.

This was last night's dinner.  If you like a little bit of a kick, these Salsa Burgers were amazing!  The recipe called for beef, but I can't wait to try them with ground turkey, because the green chilies would help keep them moist and they would be even healthier.

Tonight's dinner is a recipe I used to use a lot when I was in grad school and on Weight Watchers.  I thought they were called "Chicken Baseballs" but when I went to look it up I came up with recipes with cream cheese and crescent rolls.  So, what I've been calling them all along may be wrong.  

I'm now calling them Laughing Cow Stuffed Chicken.  They are soooo good!  We stuffed them with Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow and Spinach - yum!!

If there's an I interest, I'll definitely share these tasty recipes.  You won't be disappointed!  

I hope everyone else is doing well with their goals and has the strength to stay on track through the holiday.  Not sure if I'll be able to report that, but I will be getting right back into another DietBet after the holiday!

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  1. Those recipes look amazing!!!! Yummy!! Congrats on the diet bets, I have never done one of those, but have seriously considered!! Keep it up mama!! 15 pounds in a month is unbelievably awesome!!!!


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