Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Finally some relaxation {and NSVs}

Whew!  These past few days have been crazy!  My eating definitely hasn't been right on, but it hasn't been too off either.  I have been staying under my calories, but I can't say my eating has been right on.  I've missed breakfast a few times and finally gotten dinner in between 8:00 and 10:00 a couple times.  Definitely on a crazy schedule!

I had a mini-crisis at home the other morning and high-tailed the kiddos out of there just after they finished their lunch. I was in the middle of making my lunch and shoved the salad half-made in the fridge. I spent the rest of the day frantically cleaning the house - probably burned quite a few calories that day! I think I finally ended up eating that salad around 10pm (I had some lunch when I dropped the kiddos off, don't worry).

Yesterday we got out of the house nice and early and went out to the Mall of America. First, we made a stop at IKEA for some breakfast and a little bit of shopping. We walked around the mall for a few hours before heading home. What an awful day to forget my Fitbit - I bet I would have hit my step goal without a problem! When we got back home we had a really late lunch of fresh-caught bass lightly coated in Cornflake crumbs and a big ol' serving of veggies - yum!

That night, I had the most fun I've had in a while. We went out for my cousin's birthday and played laser tag. I haven't done that since about Jr. High, but I can't wait to do it again! It was a workout! I felt a bit like a crazy person running all over in flip-flops (bad planning) with one hand holding the gun and one hand holding my pants up! I basically ran all over the place the whole time, and realized about halfway through, after taking many hits, at I should be shooting as I ran. My tactic of running like a chicken with my head cut off must have worked because I took second to Hubby (who happened to be dressed all in white, which was also bad planning for a game in blacklight).

We ended up going out to dinner with them too, mainly because the kiddos had late naps and tons of energy left to burn off. We ended up at Applebee's, after a couple places didn't pan out. I got the Lemon Parmesan Shrimp which I split with the kids - pretty decent, but it would have been better if it wasn't so late.

Today was a rush of packing and a long ride to the cabin. I finally feel like I can breath. It is so nice up here - it also helps that I have my mom to help out with the kids and I can actually get out for a run and spend the time to cook good meals.


So. Nice.


Finally, I'm so happy to be linking up with two of the nicest ladies I've met since starting this weight loss journey, Ashlee and Katie, to share my Non-Scale Victories.

Here's what I have this week:

1) Did you catch when I said I was running around holding my pants up? Um, yeah, they're getting too big!! I desperately need a new pair of capris, but I've held out because I don't really want to buy this size, especially when I won't need them for long. I did load up on pants from Target - I got two pairs of Merona jeans for a total of about $16! They are on sale for about $11 a pair and I had a buy one get one half off coupon printed from their website. That's a price I can spend for pants that hopefully won't fit for long! The best part - I grabbed size 14 and size 12 and I think I have to take back the 14s for 12s! I may even grab a 10 because they feel like they have some give and could stretch out quickly.

2) I've explained before that most of my weight gain happened after the kiddos and, since my 2YO was a honeymoon baby, I didn't end up wearing my wedding ring for long before it got too tight. Basically, I haven't worn my ring since we got married. When I got pregnant with my second kiddo I bought a replacement ring to wear until the original fit again. I am happy to say that ring is now too big to wear on my ring finger! I've been wearing it on my middle finger until my real wedding ring fits again which, hopefully, won't be long.

Anyone else have problems with jewelry fitting? Did you resize, or refuse like I did? Do you also have a problem buying new pants when hoping to get to a smaller size?


  1. I think the best BEST sign is to see the pants get lose. The scale can lie but, pants don't lie :)
    Kudos to girlie!

  2. I absolutely hate shopping for clothes right now! I'm like you where I refuse to pay a ton if money for something ill be wearing for a hot minute!! I totally noticed you said your pants were too big btw!! Good for you for staying under your calories!! Keep up all the work!!! Thanks for linking up with us and have fun at the cabin!!


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