Saturday, July 20, 2013

A little slip leads to a landslide

I've written about how I haven't felt hungry. The urge to snack, or the desire for all the treats I love. I meant it, I have been going along without even thinking of those things. I even look at my calories at night and know I could snack but have no desire to have anything.

Considering that I barely had a night without a snack in bed before, this is huge.

Tonight, after a dinner of Chipolte and leaving almost half to mix with more lettuce later, I started to make up a batch of frozen bananas for the kiddos. As I made a mess with the chocolate, I started taking a lick off my finger every so often.

After that, all I could think about was snacking. After listening to what people have been saying about adding more protein to my diet, I went for a big scoop of reduced fat peanut butter. Mmm! And then I wanted more...

So strange how when I'm eating well, I don't even think of grabbing a snack or chocolate. Then, after not even being able to finish my dinner, a small lick of chocolate sends me in a tailspin looking longingly at the junk food.

I still stayed under my calories and am back to not craving anything at the moment, but it really made me think.

I am more of an all or nothing kind of "dieter." I do great when I'm really strict with my eating. If I start to add a little less healthy snack or two, I will eventually keep pushing it further and go completely overboard before too long.

It is sad to think I can't control myself, but the reality is I can control myself really well if I just keep remembering how much it works for me to stay a little strict. If I can do that, I really don't have cravings and I don't even think about food.

Harder than it sounds...

Just because this post needs some pictures, check out that yummy breakfast. Egg whites, shrimp, and some garlic salt - yum! - who knew? And to show you the size of my salads, check that bowl next to a can of pop - huge!

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