Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fitness Trackers and Food Scales

I've been thinking about getting some sort of fitness tracker for a while now.

I, admittedly, haven't done that much homework on what's out there. I'm not real up-to-date with technology, so I tend to get a little overwhelmed.

A few weeks ago I actually purchased the Fitbit Zip when I got my new phone. I love what it does because it's great to have that step goal and know the calories you're burning. However, it doesn't sync up with my phone, just when I am near the computer. Also, I haven't really taken the time to figure out all the options is has or the information it can give me. The main problem has been that, with having just the clip, I never seem to wear it an entire day. I must change clothes about three times a day: sweats with the kids, change when leaving the house, and workout clothes. I seem to forget the darn thing for at least half of my day.

I have definitely come to the conclusion that an need a device I can wear on my wrist.  I am used to wearing a watch 24/7, so this would be the best for me.

I could have gotten the Fitbit Flex, but didn't want to spend twice as much, especially if I was trying to figure out if I would like this technology.  At the time, I didn't think I needed the sleep tracking but, especially after last night, I would love to see exactly how much sleep I miss because of the kids getting up because I barely remember in the morning.

I think I've realized that this would be a great tool, but still don't know if I can swing paying over $100 for something I don't need.  Although, I don't know that there are many under $100...  I'm sure they're worth it, but we're a one-income family and I try to limit spending to necessities.

That being said, I'd at least like a little help from you all!  Does anyone have a tracker they love?  Those of you with heart rate monitors, what do you like about them as well?

Here are some that I came up with after searching and would love anyone to weigh-in on them:

Those are just a couple that came up from a quick search.  I am open to more suggestions!

While we're talking about gadgets you like.  Does anyone use a food scale religiously like I do?  I used it all the time when I was on WW and it was so helpful.  It's a little harder now because MyFitnessPal doesn't always offer the measurement units I need, but I'm getting really great at all the conversions.  I've talked about my struggles to get all my calories in and I've begun wondering if my old scale is just losing it's accuracy.  It also just may need some new batteries.  I have been thinking about getting a new one - anyone have a favorite?  

Here are a couple that appeal to me:
  • Taylor - I like the raised platform of the scale.  I have trouble reading mine if it is on a larger plate
  • Ozeri Pronto - I love the chrome look and it says it has a larger food tray 
  • Bamboo Scale - how cute is this one in bamboo!?
  • Camry Scale - this looks like it would be really easy to read with the way it angles and the raised tray
Thanks all for the help here!  I really appreciate it!


  1. I absolutely love my Fitbit Flex! And I use the food tracker on the FitBit site.
    As far as food scales, I just use one I bought for $10 at Ross.

  2. I love my Polar FT7, I have a review going up on my blog tomorrow, but you wear a chest strap with it, so it probably wouldn't be comfortable all day. I normally only wear mine during workouts. :) It is amazing though!


  3. I have polar..( forgot the model) & it was great...I have not used it in a bit but i swear these gadgets help you push further.

  4. I have the Fitbit One, it is completely wearable for me (just snap it on my bra, no one knows, at night I tuck it on my jammies ... I wear it 24/7, except for showers when I recharge it). I got Fitbits for my two older boys, the Flex for the 17-year old, and the One for the 14-year old (he plays basketball and they can't wear anything on the wrist during games). I do love the sleep tracker too. To me, the Fitbit IS necessary! *Ü*

    I do have a Polar HRM too, but that only goes on for specific workouts. It's a bit of a pain I think. And yesterday, I put it on for some cardio, and I watched my heart rate, but I NEVER PUSHED THE START BUTTON! DUH! So I don't know what my total calorie burn was. At least I did still have my Fitbit on. And my Omron pedometer ... what can I say, I like multiple estimations!

    I have a food scale but I don't use it often ...

  5. I have the Polar ft4 but I only wear it during my cario workouts. When I am walking I use map my run on my home to keep track of my time/distance. I have been considering getting the fitbit flex, my friend has it and loves it plus it links to her my fitness pal account, but I have a desk job so I am still on the fence about getting one. I do know that Best Buy will price match Amazon's prices. I saved 30.00 on my polar watch doing it that way.


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