Sunday, July 28, 2013

Buddies and Goals

I was so lucky the last two days to have a workout buddy! That is the biggest thing missing from my plan right now. The eating has been good and I get a little bit of exercise with walks with the kiddos, but I need to get a little more hardcore with the exercise.

I did so well with this is grad school and I got in the best shape of my life. I had so many supportive women around me all in one place. I went to kickboxing with a few, early morning spin with another, and Core Circuit (my favorite) with the more hard-core of the bunch. It was so much fun and incredibly motivating.

I've tried to re-create that at home by getting a group of girls together for some circuit training, but things are so different now. My friends are spread all over the country, those that are nearby are all moving on to new stages of their lives and don't live right in town anyway, and I have a difficult time with my own schedule after the two babies.


This weekend my cousin was at the cabin and I had a workout buddy again. What a difference that makes! We did our 300s and got a great mile run in each day! In fact, I'm astounded at our mile time on the first day and we pushed each other to perfect our form with our 300s the second day.

How great is that support?! And it's fun. I'd much rather get together with a group of ladies and workout than go out for another dinner or some drinks.

Operation Skinny Jeans

My goals this week:
1. Keep up with those quick and easy workouts, I have no excuse for not fitting them in.
2. Make an effort again to organize a fitness social event.
3. Create a plan for said fitness social event - circuit workout, healthy snack and drink, something to make it fun and more than just a workout. Feel free to let me know if you want a copy sent to you - it would keep me accountable for this goal!

Do you have a workout buddy you can count on? Do you prefer to workout with someone? Would you pick working out socially with a group over heading out to dinner or something?

Trying something new and linking up here too.


  1. I LOVE the idea of a fitness social event--it's what we all need!

    Sadly, my fitness buddy changed shifts and we haven't been able to workout since! I'm a loner now and it's tough! If I had the choice to go for a run with a friend or dinner and drinks--I would definitely want to get in the workout!

  2. My husband and I have recently started working out together and I have been loving it! I was worried at first because I loved doing it on my own but having him there pushes me to work that much harder and to try and "out-do" him!

  3. A good support system makes all the difference! My little guy is my workout buddy. He gets excited every night when it's workout time, so that keeps me going! Thanks for linking up with us for Motivation Monday!

  4. I don't have a consistent workout buddy right now but I do love how quick my workouts go when I have someone to workout with. I'm glad you had a buddy to help keep you on track and in action. Cheers to BACARDIO!ha

  5. I would love to create a fitness social event too! Sounds like a blast!

  6. A work out buddy is the greatest! I have one friend that I go hiking with and we push each other to do so much more. A fitness social event is a great idea!


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