Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NSV: eating right and showin' some skin

Hotter than Hades - at least for this Minnesota girl - but we got out for a walk.  I even ended up running a bit.  The little one was in the front instead of the back and didn't have shoes on so I got paranoid about the sun so I ran the sunny spots and walked the shady spots.  Luckily there was a lot of shade - for her and for me!  I had the added motivation of 2YO saying, "more running, Momma" and "go faster."  A big "thank you" for those in the neighborhood with sprinklers running!

Another "thank you" to Ashlee for introducing me to the best tank ever!  I got my Old Navy active tank yesterday and thought maybe I could wear it in public.  Then I put it on and fell in love!  It has the best, flattering shape!  It is loose around the belly and has the great razor back and a cut perfect for hiding armpit pudge, such a a great top and I even wore it out of the house today when I took the kids for a walk/run.  What a great feeling to wear something so light instead of sweating my tush off in an oversized, hot t-shirt!!!

Feeling so good I even added a picture!?! Unheard of!

I was a little aware of my arms, but didn't really feel self-conscious.  To quote Phoebe,

 " don't care if people are staring, it's just for a second cause then you're gone!"

Maybe they laugh at my large, slow butt, but they won't be laughing when they see me a few months from now. I think I'm also more secure now because I'm a mom pushing a stroller with two young babies. I have an excuse on display, and nobody is really looking at this mom of two anyway.

At least I got out there is the heat today. Yesterday was a busy one and I didn't get much in. My eating has been pretty fantastic, though. I was probably a little too low today, but I ate great! I had two Egg Breakfast Muffins, 1/3 banana, 4oz chicken on a salad with flax seeds and Asian sesame dressing, 1/2 cup of applesauce with the kids, and a yummy dinner of 4oz tilapia, and potatoes. I was looking at everything thinking I needed to get in more, but it's a little late now and I'm not hungry. I might grab a glass of vanilla soy milk and call it a night.

Pretty good start to the week! I took a peek at the scale and my gain from the week and a half off is gone and then some. I know I can do this, I just wish I felt confident I could keep it up longer than a month.



  1. That tank is adorable-- once you switch from t-shirts to tanks you'll NEVER go back. I have a TON of respect for moms pushing little ones in strollers. Walking, running, or walk/running, that's gotta be a tough arm workout and definitely harder than just running solo. Awesome job!!

  2. Its true, people will stare for a minute and then its over. That tank does look comfy!

  3. Isn't that tank the best?! I'm so glad you like it!!! Having kids is a great distraction for people and that phoebe quote is so stinking true!! You can totally do this for over a month!! You've got this!!

  4. Definitely going to check out those tanks! I'm pear shaped so I'm always a little more concerned with my bottom half than my top half. You're also setting a good example for your kids by getting out there and walking with them!!

  5. I'm self conscious about my arms too! You are so right though! Don't care about them and to those who care (which I doubt anyone does) you'll show them in a few months!


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