Monday, July 15, 2013

Why can't I do this all the time?

Day 1 of being back on track.

Easy peasy.

Why can I do so well on certain days, but can't manage to stick with it? It's not that hard, really.

 But it is.

 I had such great success for an entire month and then really let to for a week and a half. Now I start up again and I'm doing so well. What does it take to just create new habits and not worry about reverting back???

Maybe it just takes continuous goals, and no treat meals or days that turn into weeks.

I pretty much rocked the new Day 1 today!

I dropped 2YO off with Grandma to watch the trucks working on their new garage. I brought the little lady back for her morning nap and I had just enough time to squeeze in a quick workout. I checked out OnDemand for a quick workout and found a 20 minute Carnival dance video. Not the greatest but it was a quick, and sort of fun, way to get my heart rate up.

Lunch was a nice big sandwich. Yum!

And here's my secret ingredient - toasted flax seeds. They add a really good crunch and flavor to a plain old sandwich.

I traded kids over at the grandparents and took 2YO to his 2 year well-check. That is one good little kiddo! Such a great little trooper through it all, and impressing the pants off of everyone with all his talking. As I filled out the paperwork, I laughed at the questions about putting two words together. When it asked for a sample of his language I wrote what he said yesterday morning, "Momma lookit, I got an owie on my finger." Pretty chatty little kiddo.

Hubby actually got home at a decent time tonight, so I got some help with the kids while I worked on dinner. We had some ribs in the fridge that I had been hoping to serve before starting the DietBets, but I could have a bit more than I thought and I did some microwave corn-on-the-cob. Have you tried the no-peel trick? The best!

I had a little more ribs than I would have liked and, since I had help tonight, I was able to dust off the elliptical in the basement. I'll admit I didn't give it my best effort, but I was moving and that's something.

How do you get your workouts and heathy meals in with kiddos underfoot?


  1. Thankfully, my kids are old enough now to where I can leave them at home when I go to the gym, take them with me to the gym and put them in the "kidzone" or have them work out with me. Working out when you have young kids is hard!! I love that my gym allows 2 hours per day for childcare!

    1. I did a trial week at a gym thinking I would love the childcare, but my little one was still under 6mo and still nursing and I just couldn't get our schedule together. Maybe I'll give it a try again sometime.

  2. We only have one, so that makes a huge difference, I normally work out while he's napping, sometimes if we have a lot going on or I'm babysitting, I will get up early before the kids get here/my little one gets up! Sometimes I will use the laptop for my workout and let him have the tv!! What seems to help me with cooking is just having a plan!!

    1. I only get them to coordinate naps every so often and I always war between getting housework done and getting exercise in! It works out and we'll get better at getting it all in.


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