Thursday, July 4, 2013

Non-Scale Victories that helped make this a good-scale month

Happy Fourth Everyone!

It is also Thursday - time to celebrate all those small changes that help steer us to our goals. Maybe the scale is not so kind, but each time we pass up something deliciously sinful, push our booty a little harder during a workout, or track every little bit even though our self-control took a hike we are making gains that should be recognized.


If you've been keeping up, I've had some major Scale Victories this month.

More importantly, I recognized that I can do it.

I can keep up a record of what I eat each day. I can get used to trying new, healthy recipes. I can get my tush out there and run further, even when I am searching for the tiniest excuse to stop. I can pass up chips, candy, and ice cream, even when someone is eating it right next to me. I can reunite with my food scale and make accurately portioned meals, instead of "guessing" and overestimating my portion sizes. I can hang on for 4 weeks, even when it get's hard.

I will also admit that yesterday was my first post-dietbet day. I went way over my calories. I had pizza, chocolate, and ice cream. And, although that seems to go against all that I wrote above, I also tracked it all, pushed myself to go for a run immediately after my final weigh-in, and was more conscious of how I was eating. Even my splurge day was better than my average day before getting serious about my health.

I'm actually looking forward to using my DietBet winnings to roll into new bets. What a great motivator for me! Does anyone have any experience with how long it takes to find out how much you won?

Before I go, I have to share some pictures. We have a ton a eagles up here and see them all the time, but this was, by far, the closest I have ever gotten to one! This guy was perched in the tree on our bank, eating a fish and we were able to get within a few yards of him. It's hard to see in the first picture, because I only had my phone and couldn't zoom, but it gives you a good idea of how close we were. He's right in the lowest branch on that tree. He kept looking at us and didn't fly off until he had finish his meal. Amazing!


  1. You are doing so awesome!!! Good for you for tracking and going for a run after you knew you are too much!! Having the right mind set is so much if this battle and it sounds to me like your mind is spot on!!!

  2. Congratulations! I have those days, too. I'll do so well, but I'm not giving up everything either. I'm working on it and it will take baby steps, that's for sure!
    Great shots of the eagle, too!

  3. Congrats on such an awesome month! You are doing such an awesome job and I'm happy that your are recognizing it! Also, great pics!


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