Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Healthy Meal Planning for the Cabin

The cabin is usually my sabotage for healthy eating. Something about that place makes me want to pretend calories don't exist and turn my head to the obscene amounts of unhealthy choices I make.

This happens for multiple reasons.

First, I have a long history of unhealthy eating in that environment. I have always thrown the healthy eating out the window there because I was "on vacation" which doesn't work so well when I spend half the summer there.

Also, I hate feeling like a burden when a lot of my meals are prepared for me. I hate having to try to modify for myself and watch others eat the stuff I wish I had. I tend to just get crabby and give in and then go overboard.

Last, it's just hard. I often can't come up with a substitute for myself, I freeze and literally have no idea what to have. I have a hard time finding things and then it goes back to being a burden. It is also so hard to have all the unhealthy options around and the snacks on the boat or dessert after dinner.

This time I am going to be prepared!

I entered two diet bets and can't afford almost a week of setbacks. Want to join in? http://bit.ly/11h3A74.  It's over on the 3rd so we can overindulge on the forth (and start all over again!).  It's going to be hard, but I'm committed! I started looking through some of my old Weight Watchers cookbooks Best Eats and Sensibly Tasty Deliciously Easy and outlined a meal plan and shopping list.

This goes against all my thrifty, couponing training but, regardless of price (within reason), I'm going to shop for this trip.my health goals are much more important at this point. I've also found many recipes with ingredients in common so they'll do double duty.

Without further ado, on to the plan! Keep in mind that this is an outline - I plan to utilize each recipe but times and days may change.

Lunch - this one is up in the air because we'll be driving up after Baby Gymnastics -I'm thinking sandwich or salad

Dinner - Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Breakfast - Egg Florentine

Lunch - Ham Sandwich with Edemame Spread and Black and White Bean Salad

Dinner - Grilled Flank Steak with Potato and Pepper Packets

Breakfast - Breakfast Pizza with Turkey Sausage

Lunch - Steak Salad

Dinner - Orange Beef with Noodles

Breakfast - Bacon, Egg, Hashbrown Stackers

Lunch - Curry Chicken Salad

Dinner - Grilled Pizza with Chicken Sausage, Sweet Peppers, and Onions

Breakfast - Oatmeal

Lunch - Frozen Pizza Snacker with fruit

Dinner - Stir Fry

And an alternate - because it looks/sounds so good.

This is just a general idea. I'm not going to feel so stuck that I can't deviate from this plan. I know things will change as we have boat days, raining day, etc. We can always grill chicken breasts or grab some yummy Trader Joe's Tomato Soup if there is a rainy day. At least I feel like I have a plan and some ideas. Next, I need to figure out some healthy snacks, but there's always fruit or veggies.


  1. I suck at planning ahead! I usually go to the store and just stock up on what I know is "safe foods" for me and then I figure out later what I'm going to do with it all! Way to go with planning ahead! Some of these recipes sound really good!

    1. That's exactly what I did back when I lost 50lbs and lived alone. I can barely remember what I used to eat all the time and an have to cook for my family now so I figured I should branch out! The good thing about all these recipes is they're relatively easy and share some common ingredients, so I won't have to buy a ton for the weekend.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Having a plan is the first step! The first step is the hardest, so I'm thinking you're doing great!! Congrats on getting it under control. Can't wait to see you having a great weekend (both in fun and food) at the cabin!


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