Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday weigh-in and off to the cabin

Weigh-in results: 6 pounds down!!! Must have been because I didn't eat those animal crackers I was planning on. :)

This puts me back at where I was after my last visit to the cabin and garage sale weekend...

But still... I'm happy.

 I knew I would see a big loss again if I buckled down instead of scraping by enough to see a weekly 1 pound loss. I'm so excited to see what this month (and hopefully longer) will bring.

I've focused on diet this past week, because I didn't do much exercise to speak of. Actually, the only thing I can think to speak of is the little bit of running around I did with 2YO at gymnastics. The weather was a little iffy and I never knew if it was going to ran or not.

Now that we're up north, I'm already ready to don my new clothes and go for a run!

I've been spending all afternoon with my meal plan, changing things around to accommodate our groceries. Tonight we're trying the Orange Beef with Noodles. I'll need to be on the ball because we're doubling the recipe and I need to measure my serving size. I came prepared with my food scale! :) I'm also proud to say that I wasn't tempted by the fried chicken the rest of the family had on the way up. I had enough going on with helping 2YO eat and tracking my own grilled chicken salad.

--- It's so hard to post things up here! I never got to this so I'll just add on. ---

The Orange Beef with Rice Noodles was good. I don't know if I'll make it again but it was fun to try something new. The rest of the fam liked it, but 2YO had a hard time with the textures of rice noodles and steak.

We've had some amazing meals since then, though!

Breakfast was a delicious Eggs Florentine that I will definitely make again. I used a Sandwich Thin in place of the WW English muffin and a half slice of a cheese single because I didn't have WW low fat thins.

We used some leftover steak for Steak Salad. I cut the portion down quite a bit and used 4oz of lettuce and 4oz of steak (instead of 6 of each). We also didn't have the feta, but didn't miss it at all.

I think I'm about to head out for another attempt at C25K Week 4 Day 2. I tried yesterday but only made it one time around the mile circle, because my phone was dying and the Mosquitos were terrible! A little bug spray and a charged phone and hopefully I'll be able to push myself a bit more. I can't believe I'm struggling so much with jogging 5 minutes. I keep reading about people that run miles and I can't even imagine.

Whew! That was long. Just to keep thing interesting, I'll share this little gem we drive past each time in the way to the cabin.


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  1. Beer, Bait, Guns, Liquor? What more do you need? What a fabulous loss this week! YAY!! I have been in such a rut (and today has been a free-for-all). Just wait till I post my lunch on MFP. At least I did go to the gym.
    Hope the cabin is fabulous!


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