Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ups and downs - this is why I'm not an everyday weigher

Pure Tranquility...

Well I'm back at one one my favorite places.  From the picture above, can you blame me?

We left Friday afternoon.  While packing the two kiddos and myself, I checked out the number on the scale for my Friday weigh-in.  I was up 1.4 pounds, which I wasn't too upset about considering all the trouble I was having with and 2YO's birthday. 

I brought the scale up to the cabin with me and decided to hop on again.  I was so surprised by the number I thought it had to be wrong because I may have been leaning on the toilet as I squeezed into the tiny space the scale was in.  I pulled back the rug, moved the scale out, and tried again.  Same!!!  Instead of the one pound gain, I was looking at a one pound loss!

Even better, I had just come back from a second visit with C25K Week 5 Day 2.  It's been almost 2 weeks since I ran and the next day is attempting 2 miles without stopping, so I decided to give Day 2, with 8 min run, 5 min walk, 8 min run, another go.  It went great!  I was definitely super slow at the end, but I did it!  Wish me luck with two full miles tomorrow!  Scary! 

So, I had a great morning!  I also resisted the all-afternoon urge to snack while I searched through my Weight Watchers cookbooks for some meals.  Andrefrained from having all the delicious alcoholic beverages I would have normally had on our boat ride across the 9 mile lake to the bar at the other end.  I was craving one of their long islands, but I knew that would make it impossible to not overdo it on the Hobo Dinner we were returning to.

Please excuse the non-politically correct name, but a Hobo Dinner is a wonderful thing!  Anyone ever had one?  Mmmm!  

We traveled to find the Cherry Cans to cook them in many years ago - probably 15 or more if I want to feel old.  In all fairness, I think I was pretty young.  Anyway, there is a specific order to placing the ingredients, cooking over a fire, and a delicious meal at the end!

Our campfire was taking a bit too long and it was getting late, so we had a change of plans

checking the yumminess to see it it's ready


Pouring out the rest of the goodness. The bottom is lined with corn husks and those get removed.

How delicious does all that look!?! I had a really hard time holding back. Yum!

After all that fantastic food I still wanted chocolate, but I'm proud to say I brushed my teeth instead of doing some late-night snacking! Only a couple more days until my DietBet weigh-ins. Feeling good about it!

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